The Cycle: Frontier Best Starting PVP

The Cycle: Frontier combines both PVE and PVP, creating a mixed genre of mass network shootings. Although the real PVP Dueli will begin as soon as you get to Endheim, there will always be players who want to check their sets.

Therefore, you should be prepared when you go on a mission. The presence of the correct PVP set will help to quickly deal with enemy players and help you take control of the region to peacefully farm resources.

The next leadership will provide you with the best starting sets for PVP boys in The Cycle: Frontier.

The Cycle: Frontier best starting sets for PVP

Please note that your combat kit consists of weapons, armor, utility and consumables in the game.

Best initial weapon for PVP

C-32 sniper rifle with a longitudinal shutter shutter, a S-576 PDW submachine gun and a B9 pump trench is perhaps the best initial weapon that you can have for PVP in The Cycle: Frontier.

For players who want to shoot in the head from afar, the C-32 sniper rifle is a worthy choice. It is available at the very beginning of the game and costs 6800 K-Marks. It has an excellent default sight and inflicts 57 units of damage per shot.

For players who want to get closer, consider the S575 PDW submachine to break the enemies into pieces. While his damage for a bullet is small, his high rate of fire guarantees the destruction of enemy players if you can devastate a whole store in them.

Finally, there is also a pumping shotgun B9, which can potentially destroy enemy players with one shot from close range. You will need to get directly in the face to apply 80 damage over the projectile. One shot will reduce them to the size. Two will leave a mess. You can purchase a B9 Trengan for 1200 K-Marks at the beginning of the game.

Best Starting Armor for PVP

The usual helmet and the shield with which you start are good enough for the duration. They give you 500 and 600 strength, respectively, with standard 10 points of armor.

However, you will need to update them as soon as possible to an unusual level in order to increase the overall strength and armor. The seal of an unusual helmet and shield will not be difficult at the beginning of the game, but will give you a huge advantage in any PVP scenter.

The best starting backpacks for PVP

The best of you will never need a fairly large backpack for PVP sabotage. Therefore, a small backpack with which you start should be more than enough.

At the same time, you can improve yourself by printing the average backpack, if you have the necessary resources. The large space of inventory will allow you to stock up on a large number of consumables and equipment.

Nevertheless, the seal of the best backpack should never be your priority when you are going to the resource farm for PVP sets. It is better to spend these K-Marks and the pharma time on consumables, armor and the like.

The best starting consumables for PVP

You will need good healing to survive in every PVP duel. Therefore, you are recommended to stock up on Weak Stim and Weak Medkit.

Weak stimulants and weak first-aid kits give you an immediate increase in health by 15 and 100, respectively. The first is useful to quickly treat and jump advancing enemy players. The latter can be considered as a second life in order to quickly restore your health after escaping from a shootout with a slider of health.

Best In addition, the old kind grenade should always be part of each set in order to scare away the enemy players located in the camp.


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