Not a happy end: As a Zinedine Zidan spell with a head kick, vaporized

The hold-up for Zidane transformed the video game. It was a totally purposeless activity, it was the vital minute of the game, Raymond Domenech was irritated, during that time in the training course of the French option of the French option concerning his protégé, that was remarkable on this summer season night evening Head kick against opponent Marco Materazzi. Zizou himself need to say with a little range: I request for football, his fans and the group for forgiveness, however never ever Materazzi. That would certainly do so. I would instead pass away! Many clear words, but just what was behind it?

To do this, a little more back into the past-to the level, days before the video game of the games, many hours before this World Cup last in the Berlin Olympic Arena on July 9, 2006...


Italy with a lucky-cidanous splits the occasions

Both the Italians, who, in spite of a lengthy outnumber, just have a 1-1 against the United States on the planet Cup group phase as well as still became the initial of the period with seven factors, as well as the French, that in Group G only with a manageable 5 points behind the Switzerland presented themselves to the round of 16, had dragged themselves with the tournament at the start.

The Squadra Azzurra likewise experienced a very fortunate start to the knockout round (1-0 over Australia thanks to Francesco Totti) before a 3-0 over Ukraine and also the expansion elevation for hosts Germany in Dortmund (2: 0) the final was attained. In the meanwhile, the Grande Country made challengers Spain 3-1 before Zidane, with a very special gala, dominated the Brazilians (1-0) and also fixed the ticket for the last with a charge objective against Portugal (1-0).

Zidane in Italian emphasis

Back to the Berlin Olympic Stadium, where this game as soon as climbed. The legendary footballer was constantly struck by Girondin's Bordeaux (1992-1996), Juventus Turin (1996-2001) and Actual Madrid (2001-2006) that night. Zidane, Champions League winner from 2002, was increased, brought to the ground as well as pulled on the jersey. This likewise uses in the first fifty percent of the extension, right into which it wanted a cheeky charge from Zidane itself against goalkeeper tale Gianluigi Buffon (the ball jumped from the reduced edge of the bar behind the line) as well as the balance from Materazzi.

Reassuring motion: Gianluigi Buffon takes Zinedine Zidane in the arm after his violation as well as dismissal. imago images

France for that reason had the terrific chance in neighboring Germany to duplicate the 1998 World Cup victory with the aging team around dimensions such as goalkeeper Fabien Barthez (then 35), Patrick Vieira (30) and also Zidane (34 ). And also only Italy, Champ of 1934, 1938, 1982, the Equipe Tricolore stood in the way-a flexible team with ball artists such as Andrea Pirlo (27 ), Torgharten such as Luca Toni (29) or Roma tale Totti (29) and also protection masters like Fabio Cannavaro (32 ). And a group that was devoted to the flag on July 9, 2006 to continually obtain the French player, illusionist and also suggestion carrier Zidane.

the head kick mystery

This bronze, which is entitled by the Algerian artist Abdel Abdressemed Headbutt (headstore), was just seen in the Parisian art and social center of Center Pompidou and afterwards concerned Doha. imago photos

For the audience, this originally went off similar to this: After a cost-free kick in the penalty area of the Italians, Materazzi Zidane easily holds on the jacket, whereupon there is a word fight, from which France's number 10 has undoubtedly quick sufficient and for that reason heads towards the center line. But unexpectedly Zizou turns, runs in the direction of the Italian and rams his hairless head right into the center of the chest. Materazzi after that continues to be resting, rolling himself as well as Zidane looks a little bit stature, plays around his captain's armband.

It was likewise these two gentlemen who in this first fifty percent of the extension into the hair that had no much longer existed on Zidan's head and also hence triggered a long while secret.

the very first video clip proof of football history?

To today, the summary is that this is unofficially the first video proof of the FIFA War-also referee Elizondo later on: When I went to the 2 (Materazzi and Zidane; Noted.Red.) All details as well as knew that I would reveal red.

In this 110th minute of the game, obviously, loud discussions full of gestures broke out on the square, although barely anybody on the pitch really saw the scene. One took the activity entirely War-Gigi Buffon. The goalkeeper consequently sprinted to referee Horacio Marcelo Elizondo with a rush to referee Horacio as well as carefully called for a termination. This did not exist promptly because the umpire had actually not observed anything later on: I all of a sudden saw Materazzi 40, 50 meters away on the pitch. So I disrupted the video game and also asked my assistants what occurred. Surprisingly, both answered me: 'We really did not see anything.'

A departure that no person expected in this World Cup summer in 2006: Zinedine Zidane slips past the World Cup mug prior to the end of the period as well as after his red card. imago pictures

For a very long time it stayed complex on the yard, also though it was clear for the tv viewer after the ongoing study of the television pictures: that needs to be red. The Argentine referee Elizondo drew and set off out the red box only after a few minutes as well as after examination with his 4th authorities Luis Medina Cantalejo. The latter had actually seen the scene like Buffon and as a result educated the primary referee using radio: Horrible, Zidane's head against Materazzi was terrible! Zidane missed a head strike. If you can see the video clip, you will certainly think me.

an inglorious climax and a temple

What remained was a large concern: why had Zizou allow themselves be carried away by this assault? The solution, which is currently thought about to be securitized: Materazzi had gradually struck the French video game designer with insults and expressions and likewise maligned the family members. In a meeting with the Gazzetta Dello Sport, the Italian later introduced: I pulled on his jacket. He claimed that if I actually wished to have his jersey, I can have it after the last whistle that his sibling would choose me. Zidane himself did not intend to repeat the sentences that were possibly a little more challenging on the Berlin yard, but mentioned tough and extremely individual words about my mother as well as sis.

As well as Zidane passed, that had repeatedly seen in his profession due to the fact that of frantically references (twelve), sneaked after the captain was handed over with a lowered head. He transcended the passage of the Olympic Arena past the World Cup as well as therefore additionally made sure the saddest photo of this football evening. A little later there were radiant faces in the Azzurri camp, which, thanks to Fabio Grosso, insisted themselves in the charge shootout and also crowned themselves for the 4th time.

Materazzi, who was then penalized for 2 video games at the time and also was fined at the time, never eliminated a settlement: One closes tranquility after ravaging wars, why should we not make peace? My front door is always open. If it wants, he can concern me at any moment. However it never ever occurred. Which was definitely due to the reality that Materazzi himself constructed a kind of shrine with his success Breathe and also personal and also released this year later on through Instagram for his followers. Along with a winning t-shirt and also a sphere, there was additionally a framed picture that showed the headstore scene from the final. In his hands the Italian held the World Cup Mug, his opponent Zidane was portrayed with a rooster, the French symbol.

The head kick as a photo: Marco Materazzi reveals his personal temple by means of Instagram. Marco Materazzi/Instagram

Zidane does not want to recognize anything concerning Materazzi

Zidane, who had actually converted his lock of 3 video games right into a three-day social work with kids and also adolescents as a result of his already introduced career end, located those understood from the start of the message: I ask the football, his fans and the group for mercy, however never Materazzi. That would do without me. I would rather die!

The hold-up for Zidane transformed the game. For the audience, this at first went off like this: After a totally free kick in the penalty area of the Italians, Materazzi Zidane easily holds on the jersey, whereupon there is a word fight, from which France's number 10 has obviously quickly enough and also therefore heads in the direction of the center line. Materazzi then continues to be existing down, rolling himself as well as Zidane looks a bit prestige, plays around his captain's armband.

The latter had actually seen the scene like Buffon as well as therefore notified the main referee using radio: Awful, Zidane's head versus Materazzi was dreadful! Zidane, who had converted his lock of three games into a three-day community service with youngsters and also teenagers since of his currently introduced job end, located those known from the beginning of the message: I ask the football, his followers as well as the group for forgiveness, yet never Materazzi.

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