SC Prussia is subject to 3: 4 in the cup final

SC Preussen Münster is 3: 4 in the final of the Krombacher Westphalia Cup (regular playing time 1: 1) in the penalty shootout for SV Rödinghausen. The trophy goes to the East Westphalia after a competitive game.

In two positions, coach Sascha Hildmann converted his initial formation for the final: Simon Scherder slipped into the starting eleven for the struck Marcel Hoffmeier, and Thomas Kok also returned to the six and took the position that was free through the failure of Manuel Farrona Pulido became. Nicolai Remberg moved back to the eight in the course.

Prussia have more of the game

The better start in the Prussian stadium caught the eagle bearers, who put a lot of pressure on the guests early on. After six minutes, Thorben Deters came to the shot after a corner kick, but SVR keeper Alexander Sebald was still able to parry on the line. With a little luck, an early tour could have fallen, but it stayed with 0-0 and the Rödinghauseners gradually found better into play. The next big chance belonged again to the eagle wearers, who briefly played a corner this time after an hour. Thorben Deters finally brought the flank that Alexander Langlitz brought back sharply again. Deniz Bindemann started the flight insert, but got no pressure behind the leather.

Until the break, the goalless draw stayed in a game in which both sides gave nothing. Every duel was run with full hardness, there were always small nicks that meant a lot of work for referees Leonida's Exuzidi. After the break, the duel continued - even if the Prussians continued to record more possession. The first real scene then belonged to the guests. A counterattack landed at the substitute Damjan Marceta, whose deflected shot finally ended up in the goal from the bottom edge of the slat - 0: 1 (61.). But with that the duel picked up again.

Decision in the penalty shootout

This was followed by an urgent phase of the Prussia, which led to 1-1 after a confusing scene. Previously, SVR captain Daniel Flottmann-after the ball was only played back after a fair play campaign-had wanted to play for time and did not continue the game. The ball for a long time untouched in front of him until Gerrit Wegkamp replied annoyed at some point and conquered him. The attempt ended up in the arms of keeper Sebald, but central defender Julian Wolff stormed angrily on Wegkamp and rammed him to the ground - an unnecessary action for which referee Exuzidis rightly gave penalty. The subsequent pack of packs lasted minutes, but Henok Teklab kept the nerves and pushed the ball into the corner - 1: 1 (72.). Shortly before the end, Gerrit Wegkamp had a good opportunity with his head, but his attempt landed just next to the post. When referee Exuzidis then kicked off, it was clear that it would continue with penalty shootout. The story is quickly told. Rödinghausen kept his nerves, the Prussians failed three times - and the trophy finally went 4: 3 to the guests.

the data for the game

When you challenge Prussia to a war (dybbøl) SCP : Schulze Niehues - Schaute, Ziegele, Scherder, Borgmann - Remberg, Kok (Dahlke, 85.), Deters (Ghindovean, 79.) - Langlitz (Kwadwo, 56.), Bindemann (Wegkamp, 56.), Teklab

SVR : Sebald - Choroba (Ercan, 81.), Flottmann, Wolff, Langer - Kurzen, Wiemann, Hoffmeier, Ibrahim (Marceta, 56.) - Schaub (Schuster, 65.), Bravo Sanchez (Riemer, 75.)

Tore : 0: 1 Marceta (61.), 1: 1 Teklab (72.)

Yellow cards : Remberg, Kok / Ibrahim, Flottmann

viewer : 6.480

Referee : Leonidas Exuzidis


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