Pajor plays strongly: Wolfsburg is close to the title

The championship in the women's Bundesliga has almost been decided: Wolfsburg clearly won two game days before the end of the season in Essen. The Wolfsburg residents (captain Popp and Wedemeyer suppressed Wilms and Jonsdottir onto the bench) were dominant from the start by coach Tommy Stroot after the 2-0 win against Barcelona in two positions and the lead were only a matter of time.

Wolfsburg makes short process - Endemann's Tunnler

Pajor, who failed to go to goalkeeper Sindermann in minute six, finally went down in the penalty area against it after a quarter of an hour - Janssen Cool converted the penalty. From then on, the Lower Saxony increased the number of strokes and the strong Pajor shot the 2-0 (28th) after their post goal (23rd).

Because food was active in the goals, Waßmuth was also allowed to shoot in half one (33.). However, the SGS shortened after Endemann's beautiful solo including two leg shots (36th) and did not stop.

Janssen puts the double pack

As much as the hosts kept against it: They did not create a serious danger to dominant Wolfsburg women. Instead, Janssen laced the double pack (67th) after a corner. Overall two had a few highlights - nevertheless a change player Stark with the final whistle the 5-1 final score (90.+3).

Wolfsburg vs. Barcelona | UEFA Women’s Champions League Semi-final Second Leg Full Match

On the coming matchday, the penultimate of the season, Wolfsburg will travel to the last from Jena and can bag the championship there on Sunday (4 p.m.). Essen could secure the relegation with a draw in Freiburg three hours earlier.


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