Magath and Hertha: showed that we are first division club

The Herthans had everything in their own hands in the end of the season - and could be displaced by Stuttgart from 15th place on the last match day. While the Swabians dramatically won 2-1 against Cologne in added time, the old lady lost 1-2 in Dortmund.

"I came to the same time. I think we played a very good game and offered the German runner -up over 90 minutes. This showed that we have shown that we are a first division - and we have to do that twice now" Magath analyzed tidy tidy after the game at "Sky".

The experienced coaching fox had already saved the Berliners, but then the defeats against Mainz and Dortmund followed. A single point in one of the games would have been enough to stay safely in the league. After the three "match balls" awarded for the coach, construction work is certainly waiting for direct relegation. "Of course, the heads in the cabin hung," said Magath, but was also positive again: "I told the boys that it goes on. We have made a good game. We don't need to accuse ourselves of anything. If you give everything, You can also lose as we lost in second place today. "

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Instead of the summer break and vacation, the relegation is waiting for the old lady after this messed up season. "We have to continue on Thursday where we stopped today. If we appear again, I am sure that we have a good chance of keeping the class," said the 68-year-old.

Magath could meet the HSV

The Berliners have to wait until their opponent is determined in the relegation. From 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, the last matchday in the 2nd Bundesliga is finally on the program - Bremen, HSV and Darmstadt could be third.

"If the HSV becomes, it will of course be a difficult game for me," said Magath at the press conference. The coach is closely connected to the red pants, played 382 competitive games for Hamburg between 1976 and 1986 and scored 63 goals, later he was even a coach for the North Germans. Although Magath had this inspiration a few weeks ago to have to play in the relegation against the HSV, he will probably hope tomorrow that the opponent will become more Bremen or Darmstadt.


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