Jahres Spiel's best Spiel Table Game announces the nominees for 2022

This weekend the finalists of the prestigious Spiel del Jahres Awards were officially announced. Germany games in Germany, widely considered as the greatest honor that a board game can receive, announced the finalists of their three categories during the weekend. The Spiel del Jahres Holder Award (delivered to the best "family" board game) include AEG Cascada Games OINK ’Explore and cocktail games’ The ten best. Meanwhile, the Kennerspiel Des Jahres Award (delivered to the best "advanced" board game) were Osprey Games' criptic (delivered to the best game for children) include _quacks & co: FaLinburg dash, Magic Mountain and auch Schon Clever.

Spiel des Jahres 2022 ???? Die Nominierten! While Spiel del Jahres focuses on titles in German language, many of the best board games of all time have won or have been nominated for the award. The previous winners include Carcasona, Ticket to Ride, Shadows on Camelot, Dominion,and _dixito In recent years, the prize has expanded from a single prize focused on a single game to special awards for more challenging games and, finally, three three Separate awards categories to allow a broader consideration of board games beyond those destined for family game.

Spiel del Jahres is the closest thing that the board games industry has an Oscar or an Eisner award, although the categories are still relatively limited. Origins Game Fair (which is in charge of the Commercial Organization Gama) has its own prize voted by the attendees, while the popular game site/Board Game Geek database has an annual "Golden Geek Prize" with several different categories. In 2018, the American Tabletop Awards were founded by a group of critics and board writers.

The winners of the Spiel del Jahres awards will be appointed during the month of July.


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