12 minutes of balls: scandal in the regional league southwest

The regional league-west has experienced a scandal game that has not existed in this form for a long time. Participants: FSV Frankfurt and SV Elversberg.

What happened? Leader SV Elversberg handed a draw to the promotion to the 3rd league, and FSV Frankfurt also had a point for rescue in 15th place. Both clubs have by far the goal difference by far.

So the teams of the teams agreed around twelve minutes before the end at 1-1 to set the game. By coach Horst Steffen in his own half, the Elversberger pushed the play equipment back and forth in their own ranks until the final whistle. The whole thing even happened under the applause and the goodwill of the spectators.

North Carolina vs West Virginia (Southeast Region ) | LLWS Softball July 24,2021 At the same time, the Frankfurters positioned themselves at the center line and waited patiently there. Said for twelve minutes, no FSV player came to the ball and was completely satisfied at the same time.

agreement between Elversberg and Frankfurt?

Apparently the non -aggression pact was agreed between the trainers before the game, otherwise the statements after the game cannot be explained.

"That was enough for us. Why should we attack there?" Said Frankfurt coach Tim Görner. Horst Steffen hit the same notch. "It was clear that we are as good as a tie. There is legitimate," said the SV promotion coach.

The fact that the social media department of the Frankfurter even enjoyed the action was pleased in the Twitter ticker fit the circumstances.

"Madness: Since the ELV would have risen at the current table and the FSV saved, the ELV has been running the ball in its own ranks for 7 minutes. Incredible scene! The stadium rewardes this with applause!"

As "Bild" was reported after the final whistle between Elversbergers and Frankfurter. Because the leader of the barley juice ran out, the FSV managers still achieved six boxes of beer. A successful day for both clubs, a sad day for Frankfurt.


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