Xenoblade Chronicles 3: a sumptuous new artwork for the next big RPG of the Nintendo Switch

Always scheduled for next September, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is done for the moment very discreet. While it is not known for the moment that the main lines of this new title, Nintendo has just shared, probably by mistake, a breathtaking visual bringing together the six protagonists of this third opus.


a new opus still mysterious

For the moment, it takes to be satisfied with little about Xenoblade Chronicles 3 . Nintendo takes his time and has for the moment delivered well skinned information, despite an attractive trailer. In this supposed new story connect the future of Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 , the conflict between KEVES and AGNUS nations rage. The narrative revolves around two main protagonists representing both sides: Noah on one side and MIO on the other.

Each of these protagonists are accompanied by two acolytes. Lanz and Eunie are the allies of Noah while Sena and Taion accompany Mio. We do not know exactly how these different protagonists are led to meet but it seems clear that their destinies are linked, as the suggestion The new shared visual, a priori by mistake, by Nintendo.

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Behind the hope of fans, an error of Nintendo

Very similar to the first Xenoblade Poster Chronicles 3 Shared by Big N, this new artwork sets the six protagonists gathered side by side in a bucolic decor reminiscent of the visuals of the two previous opus. If this artwork is particularly successful, his publication seems pretty premature on the part of the Nippon giant who is working to control with a master hand his communication.

Thus, this visual would have been published by mistake on the American site of Nintendo. He has since been withdrawn and is not available on the American site or on the French site. A small "Bourde" that should not be very expensive at the firm, and that will have on the contrary allowed fans The more impatient to afford a slight appetizer.


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