Super League rebels Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus is supposed to threaten Champions League

The founders of the Super League, which sees itself as a competitor to the Champions League held by UEFA, apparently threatens to be in trouble again. According to information from the gazzetta dello Sport, a court in Madrid raised an injunction against UEFA.

The European Association is allowed to sanction Juventus, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, who are still insisting on the founding of the EliteLiga.

However, the UEFA wanted to wait for further court appointments, including at the European Court of Justice, and only then decide on further measures. Accordingly, the clubs do not have to fear consequences for the coming season.

For the following season, however, the continental association wants to maintain the already pronounced penalties of five percent retention of UEFA income and 15 million euros in fines. This applies to all original twelve participants. However, if the clubs do not accept the punishments, the UEFA will probably rule out the UEFA for the 2023/24 season.

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Super League Issues | Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus dealt blow in legal battle with UEFA |

Almost exactly a year ago, the twelve clubs from Spain, England and Italy announced the foundation of the Super League. Especially on pressure from fans and also politics, the six English members had quickly withdrawn, and Atletico Madrid and the two Milan clubs AC and Inter also moved away from the plans. Barcelona, Real and Juventus still stick to the project.


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