PSG offers MBAPP more than 50 million euros - fails real

Does Kylian MB cape remain at Paris Saint-Germain? In any case, the French make a very lucrative offer.

Paris Saint-Germain has offered striker's Kylian MB cape for information from Kylian and Goal a new contract with an annual salary of more than 50 million euros, which would make him the highest paid player in the squad. The current working paper of the 23-year-old is known to work at the end of June.

Over the past few months, a change mbappes to Real Madrid was very likely in the coming summer. However, the world champion is currently thinking about accepting the offer of PSG.

PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN - OLYMPIQUE DE MARSEILLE (2 - 1) - Highlights - (PSG - OM) / 2021-2022 In Doha, the negotiations between MBAPPES site and the Parisian are currently running. Also Fayza Lamari, the mother of the scorer, is located in the catalist capital on site to negotiate the best possible conditions for their son.

Kylian MBeFe: Will image rights become a problem for real?

In addition to the immense annual salary, MBAPP would also receive a very high bonus payment, should he sign and continue to bind to the Parisians.

Meanwhile, MB cape wants to keep 100% in his personal image rights after information from Kylian and Goal in the future. For PSG this would be fine, while Real Madrid would currently agree only a 50: 50 control.

In addition to the sumptuous offer of PSG, this topic could lead to a transfer MBappes fails to Madrid. In addition, real because of its active participation in the introduction of the controversial super League in spring 2021 sanctions threatened by the UEFA. These could even lead until an exclusion of international competitions, which would of course be unacceptable for a player of the MBAPP format.

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MBAPP was changed in 2017 for 145 million euros from the AS Monaco to PSG. In the current season, the French national player is currently at 33 goals and 22 templates.


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