No mood poisoner: How Gerhardt is becoming a role model at VFL

Actually, FLORIAN Kohfeldt would rather highlighted a player after the convincing home success against Arminia Bielefeld. Finally, the team had finally acted as 1. And yet the coach picked out one, to whom he distributed a special lob.

Not double torcher Lukas Nmecha enjoyed a hymn, but Yannick Gerhardt. Because this finally acted again in the square, as those responsible imagine. Above all, however, because he performed exemplary in the personally heavy past weeks and months away from the lawn.

You have to put a player like Yannick Gerhardt in the foreground. He is an absolute team player, he inserts in his role, he's there when you need him.

Florian Kohfeldt

Gerhardt is nobody who poisoned the mood

"You have to put a player like Yannick Gerhardt's foreground," says Kohfeldt. "He's an absolute team player, he fits into his role, he's there when you need him." What makes him the model in a squad in which there are too many types that put their personal interests about the team. The mood poison, if you do not come to the train yourself as you imagine.

The suffering of an all-rounder

Models of Care- Module 4 Gerhardt is different without cutting down its own claims. "He also annoys if he does not play, but does not make insulted," says Kohfeldt. Nevertheless, the coach brought the 28-year-old, which was still one of the winners at the beginning of the coach, most often rarely. And when Gerhardt then played, he hardly convinced. "He suffers a bit below that he is an all-rounder and play the specialists on their positions," explains the coach. "But you can always rely on Yannick, he made a top game. I do not mind when he fests."

Roussillon a shadow of himself

Gerhardt used Bielefeld his chance as a rail player in the 3-4-2-1 formation. In a role he knows from previous DFB times ("this position is fun"), which is usually considered by VFL, but usually Jerome Roussillon. The Frenchman, however, remains a shadow of his own, can not hide his fitness deficits, is injury. As a representative, Renato Steffen was the privilege, which was completely painted against the Arminia completely out of the squad. What Gerhardt offered the opportunity to finally touch the head again. With two tort templates and its best seasonal performance, this succeeded.

That did not succeed us in Augsburg, and that's the worst thing you can accuse a team in the relegation battle.

Yannick Gerhardt

"For me personally, it was very well done," says the former Cologne, who last stood at the 4-1 against Greuther Fürth in the starting eleven in early February. What "of course not satisfactory" had been. Open ("You have to go back to his own interests a bit") Nevertheless, he does not have. And after his strong idea of Saturday, the team is at the center. "Much more important was that we win as a team, form a unity. That did not succeed in Augsburg, and that's the worst thing you can accuse a team in the descent fight." What led to "many open talks". "We worn ourselves on the descent fight. We showed the right reaction."

For Kohfeldt, there is now no reason to promote Gerhardt again from the initial formation. "It's my goal that I'm in the first eleven games," says the left foot, "I believe that I could show him."


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