Nagelsmann: At a point where we have to change something

On Friday, Julian Nagelsmann and Joshua Kimmich and Leon Goretzka and Leon Goretzka highlighted it with a lot of will to win this week. The message behind it: Despite the established championship, his team does not want to give one of the last three league games.

There was nothing to be seen in Mainz on Saturday, only the aluminum prevented an even higher bankruptcy of the FCB, in which nothing was right from the spot. A bit, said a noticeably frustrated nail man after the 1: 3 in the mixed zone, a small drop in performance after such a title is human. "Nevertheless, we still wear the logo on our chest, and then we can't get nine hundred percent against us from the first minute. It just doesn't work."

His clear criticism: "If it looks like we have to stop any service and the passion is no longer there, we are at a point where we have to change something."

"You can't miss this point"

Nagelsmann speaks of "general things", not only of team -specific. "If you get seven titles in a year and become ten times champions, at some point there is always the Breakeven where you say: 'We have to do something different now.' You can't always do everything the same, that's quite normal. You can't miss this point. "

Nagelsmann macht Druck auf Lewandowski | SPORT1

This is not for the media world.

Julian Nagelsmann

Nagelsmann has an explanation of why Bayern performed so tension and listlessly in Mainz. "But I don't tell you that, I say that internally and the team, but not you. This is not for the media world."


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