Like Leon Goretzka the FC Bayern is twice ahead

When the hair had long been wet and the forces had to settle, Leon Goretzka was finally able to do what he had been denied so long: show the muscles.

After four long months without obligation to use the German national player for the first time since the beginning of December at the 3-2 victory in Dortmund in a compulsory game for the Bavarians in the field and made in a combined game in Freiburg right for that so important 1: 0.

"He brings Elan and Gier"

"Just enjoy" should Goretzka be his comeback, Julian Nagelsmann asked before the game, "not tearing the world". The fact of the 27-year-old not, he knocked on with a rather harmless volley degree in the eighth minute for the first time, showed his special quality after about half an hour as he continued after interplay with Thomas Müller to counter. "He is one who brings the edge and greed, which is a good box-to-box player," Nagelsmann praised the 4: 1, which, purely sporty, has taken care of for very clear circumstances at the top of the table.

Goretzka gives the Bayern eb denim-tile component in the midfield, which was most recently missing. In the absence of his partner, Joshua Kimmich had even tried more than usual to be everywhere in the field, but sometimes neglected his own work before the defense. With Goretzka, a robust duplexer returns to one thing, but also one who drives the ball forward, from penalty area to penalty area. Kimmich can thus focus on his duties as a strategist.

"You need this"

Leon Goretzka - Bayern's New Midfield General and Trophy Hunter

Already in training, Nagelsmann rightly noticed, you have noticed "that he", ie Goretzka, "us very well. That such a player coaches with maximum greed and fails with the others. That's what you need in the game anyway." Goretzka had left the impression of his first unit in the approach, as if he were only allowed to watch.

And in addition, he gives the ever-dangerous standards at FC Bayern even more danger, as just at the 1-0 on Saturday, when he headed a perfectly placed flank Kimmichs on the passing Mark Flekken into the net - and then, the arms spread and tense, direction Guest BLOCK ran. A few moments later his working day was over.


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