FC Schalke 04 shoots the SV Darmstadt 98

With the fifth victory in the fifth game under Interim Trainer Mike Büskens Schalke 04 has consolidated the spreadsheet in the 2nd football Bundesliga and made a big step towards recruiting.

In the top game at Darmstadt 98, the royal blue with 5: 2 (3: 2) prevailed and enlarged its projection before the relegation place to three points.

"It was expecting that intense game in which it is about physicality to be second balls where you always have to be awake. But we did not come into the game as we wanted," say S04 coach Büskens the beginning of the game and added: "We were very efficient today. We are all very, very satisfied."

Schalke Takes Lead in Promotion-Race! | Darmstadt - FC Schalke 04 2-5 | MD30 – Bundesliga 2 - 21/22 Sieggangers for the Bundesliga relegated were his strikers: First, Simon Terodde laced 14,500 spectators in the sold-out stadium at the Böllenfalltor with his seasons 23 and 24 (14./29.) A double pack, then Marius Bülter laid with his hits number eight to ten ( 43./48./62.). For the Darmstädter, which are more fourth, Phillip Tietz also met double (11./34.).

"The right virtues are that you stay clear in the pear and do not predict anything," said Schalke's Mike Büskenss director Rouven Schröder at "Sky": "Decisive is that we have to deliver right week for week to stay up there. Is our order. " Nearest opponent is next Saturday (13:30 clock / sky) of the table two Werder Bremen.

In a spectacular first half, the hosts caught the better start: After just over ten minutes they had already submitted six goals shots and earned earned by the post-Tietz, who previously hit the post by head.

Bülter builds triple pack for Schalke 04

The first Schalke chance immediately brought the compensation - by double head: Marius Bülter extended a flank of Rodrigo Zalazar, Terodde completed. The second league record shooter later put a header a header to the guidance of the guests later. In between Schalke's Captain Danny Latza had to be worn with an ankle violence from the square.

The disorder in the defensive of the royal blue used Tietz to the edge of Braydon Manu also by head for compensation. The last highlight before the break set Bülter, who brought the Gelsenkirchener to lead after a single action again.

After the side change, the 29-year-old had the 4: 2 followed when the Darmstädter was still discussing a distance gate of Tietz and made his triple pack perfect for 14 minutes later.


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