FARKE is looking for Russia

The future of football coach Daniel Fark, who worked for many years in England and most recently in Russia is still open. Most recently, the 45-year-old was associated with second division Schalke 04.

"I will not comment there any speculation or rumors. That makes no sense," Fark said at "Klick & Rush - the" Sky "podcast". The football teacher continues: "Crucial is to worry and then pull it through."

There is no preference for him: "Whether Germany or England, then no matter. Clear, the best trainers in the world are in England, but the Bundesliga is an incredibly great product. I'm still a big fan. There is also there great quality. That can be exciting even if it's the right project. "

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He must be convinced of a project, said Fark, he may, "to play titles. But I do not want to be the 47th trainer who waits the 123 title," says Fark. He wanted something "extraordinary achievement".

It stimulates him, "to bring a team to another level. A team playing around Europe to bring into the Champions League. To lead a pursuer to a title," said bad.


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