Cyworld, resumes service in 2 years and half. Some disabilities

Cyworld has been in the second half of the second service stopped in a half years.

Cyworld Older Cyworld Jet has released a cyworld app in Google Play and Apple App Store, one-store three-to-app market.

The original company was announced at 4:42 pm, but it released the app on the test level for stable service. The resumption of the Cyworld service is about two years after the discontinuation of service in October 2019.

However, some users have shown that functions such as photographs and diarys were unavailable.

If the user presses the photo album, it is in restoring a photo-album memories with the guide "a photo album restoration". It can write a message when the restoration is complete. "Wait a little".

The diary function is also implemented in the app, but it was not actually writing. Pressing the diary function "Cyworld is working hard to finish the recovery of US $ 1.1 million, and it is working hard. The new feature has been added, and the new feature has been added to the diary to come to the diary.

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Cyworld Jet said on January 1, 2015, and visitors prior to the previous visitors are looking for ID and login, but photo albums are still uploading. "In the case of customers before January 1, 2015, the restored photograph is uploaded to a photo album, which is completely available in the month," he said, "It is not unexpectedly There are small errors, saying that after the weekend, we will be completely complementary to this. "

In addition, some users have also experienced download errors, real name authentication errors, etc. "The company has a certification for customers using SKT," said Company, "Cyworld Jet Side is surprised by traffic," he said. ".

Meanwhile, Cyworld plans to open 'gift shop' for a month in the sense of apple for the development of app release.

"Last 10 years, SNS was the center of content," he said. I am convinced that Cyworld will be a successful SNS. "


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