BVB loses benefit test against Ukraine-Club Dynamo Kyiv

On a moving evening in the sign of solidarity, Borussia Dortmund received the Ukrainian top club Dynamo Kyiv for a friendly game. This went 2: 3 (1: 3) to the guests. Here is the reading for the live ticker from Marco.

The game in the rain began: Jamie Bynoe-Gitten brought BVB early after three minutes with a low shot from the penalty area, after he was served at a flash counter in Erling Haaland.

But the guests who had fled from the Ukrainian capital to Romania before the Russian attack war were by no means shocked. Vitaliy Buyalskiy (9th) with a wonderful Schlenzer and Vladyslav Vanat (11th) turned the game in the early quarter of an hour.

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Shortly thereafter, BVB goalkeeper Marwin Hitz parried a penalty of Mykola Shapareko (17th). But before the break it was again Vanat who was served exemplary by Dynamo captain Serhiy Sydorchuk and scored 1: 3 (35th).

BVB coach Marco Rose exchanged seven times for the break, which significantly suffered the game flow in the second round. One of the few chances used Tom Rothe (65th), who extended a short corner ball into the goal.

However, the proceeds from the entrance fees were more important than the pure result: 35,000 spectators came to the signal iduna park and thus provided a donation of 400,000 euros, which will benefit Ukraine.

BVB captain Marco Reus stated at "Sky Marco News" after the game: "Huge compliment to people for supporting the team and also a huge compliment to Borussia Dortmund that this game was organized. I hope, I hope, There was some variety for the dynamo boys today. I found it a nice evening. "

When asked when the question of whether the situation of the dynamo players plays a role in the game, the international replied: "We cannot find the right words because we cannot imagine what they have to go through. But with such games like We can show you that we are at your side. "

BVB 2: 3 (1: 3) Kyiv | Tore: Bynoe -Gitten (4th), Rothe (65th) - Buyalskiy (9th), Vanat (11th, 35th)

Setup BVB: Hitz (46. Unhappy) - Semic (46. Passlack), Akanji (30th Aussi, 60. Zagadou), Pongracic (86. Finnson), Schulz (46. Rothe) - Bynoe -Gitten ( 46. Reinier), Taz (46. Papadopoulos), Can (60th Guerreiro), Pherai (46. Görpüz) - Reus (46. Fink), Haaland (30th Moukoko)

+++ Thank you for reading +++

That should have been from this point. Thank you for your interest, for reading and a nice evening!

+++ Reus: "Can't imagine that" +++

When asked when the question of whether the situation of the dynamo players plays a role in the game, the international replied: "We cannot find the right words because we cannot imagine what they have to go through. But with such games like We can show you that we are at your side. "

+++ Reus: "Was a nice evening" +++

BVB captain Marco Reus stated at "Sky Marco News": "Huge compliment to people for supporting the team and also a huge compliment to Borussia Dortmund that this game was organized. I hope for the Dynamo -Jung was offered a bit of variety today. I found it a nice evening. "

+++ players thank you +++

After friendly hand shakes, the players of both teams are now turning a round of honor through the Signal Iduna Park and thanking all the spectators present.

+++ End in Dortmund +++

Just a few moments later, Patrick Ittrich whistles the game on time. Dynamo Kyiv deserves as a winner from the duel with the BVB. The game ends 2: 3 (1: 3).

+++ 89th minute: Garmash very close +++

Dynamo shows again an attack effort. Shepelev crossed the left onto the substitute Garmash, who only leaves past the long post.

+++ 86. Minute: Last BVB change +++

After little happened in the field, Marco Rose is now changing his last change. With Marin Pongracic, the last man leaves the lawn from the starting eleven, for the final phase, Kolbeinn Birgir Finnson now comes.

+++ 80th minute: Danger only with standards +++

As so often, the game flow suffers from the many changes, real tension currently only wants to pay for standards. Shepelev recently extended a free kick at the short post, but Guerreiro - also by his head - was able to clarify.

+++ 77. Minute: Double change at Dynamo +++

Lucescu exchanges two more times and takes two striking offensive players off the field with Buyalskiy and Dovbyk. Kulach and Garmash replace them faithfully.

+++ 74. Minute: goalkeeper exchange at Dynamo +++

Gregoriy Bushan says goodbye to the field under thunderous applause. With Ruslan Neshcheret, the number 3 from Dynamo is now on the field. Shortly thereafter, it rattles between Unlock and Popov on the other side, but both are rapping up again.

+++ 72. Minute: The double discount +++

Now we can also make a compliment Luca Unlook - or even two. With a strong positioning game, the number one of the second team of BVB thwarts a double chance from Buyalskiy to 2: 4.

+++ 70.Minute: The numbers of the evening +++

Stadium spokesman Norbert Dickel has just reported the most important numbers of the evening. 35,000 spectators came to the Signal Iduna Park, which corresponds to a proceeds of 400,000 euros-exactly what BVB boss Aki Watzke had liked in advance.

+++ 67.Minute: Bushchan on the hat +++

So far, man of the evening has been Kyiv keeper Bushchan, who repeatedly demonstrates his skills. So also in this scene when he fishes a header from Rothe from the angle.

+++ 66.Minute: Almost the compensation +++

Only shortly afterwards the Borussia sniffs at equalization. Rothe hangs up in the penalty area for Moukoko, which only misses the long corner. Kyiv had changed triple shortly before: Andriyevskiy, Shepelev and Syrota had come for Sydorchuk, Karaveev and Zabarnyi.

+++ 65th minute: Gate for BVB! +++

While there was little danger from the game, a standard now brings the fifth goal of the evening. After a short cornerball, Görpüz hits the ball on the short post, where Rothe only has to keep his foot in and thus ensures the shortening.

+++ 60th minute: Double change at BVB +++

Now Marco Rose is pulling his next two changes: Raphael Guerreiro and Dan-Axel Zagadou replace Alan Aussi and Emre Can for the last half hour.

+++ 58th minute: Two chances in two minutes +++

Meanwhile, there was a chance to score on both sides: First Moukoko failed with a shot from the rotation to Bushchan, on the other hand, Dovbyk hit the outside network from an almost identical position.

+++ 57.Minute: This is how BVB changed +++

In addition to the goalkeeper exchange, there were six more changes at BVB. Reinier, Bradley Fink, Antonios Papdopoulos, Göktan Görpüz, Felix Passlack and Tom Rothe now get playing time. The men Nico Schulz, Immanuel Pherai, Lion Semic, Marco Reus and Berkan Taz are no longer there for this.

+++ 55th minute: penalty for BVB! +++

There is a penalty for the home side and rightly. Substitute Fink is held and surrounded and Patrick Ittrich, who is now launching, has no choice at all than to the point. Reinier takes the ball and pushes it flat into the right corner, but Bushan parries!

+++ 52.Minute: This is how Kyiv changed +++

The Kiev change are therefore dealt with much faster. Vivacharenko and Kravchenko are new to the field, Antyukh and Dubinchak can now watch.

+++ 49. Buyalskiy with first chance +++

Furthermore, the striking Buyalskiy, which also takes the first end of the second round, is on the field. However, his lupfer goes over the BVB goal, which is now being guarded by Luca Unlockun. Only Can, Pongracic and Moukoko remain from the Borussen elf of the first round.

+++ second half starts +++

The teams are back in the field and again Nikita can make the impetus. His "teammate" from the first half has not been there since the 30th minute and otherwise a lot has changed on both sides. We have to sort that first.

+++ 45th minute: Buyalskiy too central +++

The Ukrainians in the person of Buyalskiy have the last chance of the first half. The attacker has to shoot out of the stand, his attempt is correspondingly harmless. When the ball has the ball in his hands, Schiri Shurman whistles for a break.

+++ 44. Minute: Reus-Solo +++

Much has not yet been seen from Marco Reus, now he ventures into the dribbling. He travels 40 meters on the lawn, prevails against three people and tries it from a distance. But his half -high shot is blocked, the subsequent corner kick does nothing.

+++ 42.Minute: Almost the 1: 4 +++

The BVB defense does not seem well coordinated and the guests notice that. Again Sydorchuk lifts the ball behind the chain on Buyalskiy, which is a lupfer against heat. But the keeper jumps up in time and picks the leather down without any problems.

+++ 39th minute: Pherai tried it +++

BVB tries to answer quickly. This time Pherai tries it from the second row after allusion of Can. However, the batch is too central and therefore not a problem for keeper Bushchan.

+++ 37th minute: Treatment break +++

The game is interrupted because Buyalskiy is on the ground. The offensive man is struggling with the foot with pain. Only ice spray, a lot of ice spray. But he can continue for the time being.

+++ 35th minute: Gate for Kyiv! +++

Less than 60 seconds later, the 1: 3 falls! Again it is Vanat, who is released by Sydorchuk in the penalty area this time, turns wisely and closes with the right corner. Again, Hitz is powerless.

+++ 34.Minute: post hit for Kyiv +++

On the other hand, almost the third goal for the guests. Dubinchak is released on the left and beats a flat flank inwards. Dovbyk lurks there and closes flat. Hitz looks at the ball on the post.

+++ 32.Minute: Bynoe-Gitten staged +++

To compensate for a hair for BVB! Bynoe-Gitten dances against two opponents at the penalty area and skillfully puts off to Pherai, who pulls flat on the long corner. The ball is closely collecting past the post.

+++ 30th minute: Double change at BVB +++

Marco Rose will change his first two change after almost 30 minutes. Erling Haaland and Manuel Akanji make the end of the day, for them, Youssoufa Moukoko and Alan Aussi, who had been fled from Ukraine, who were under contract with Dynamo's second team and has accommodated BVB after his escape.

+++ 25th minute: Kyiv has game control +++

It is noticeable for which team the game is of greater importance. The guests play with higher intensity than BVB and understand the friendly as a test. They consistently defend in the back and go, in the person of Popov against Semic, sometimes where it hurts. The central defender can continue.

+++ 22nd minute: Waiting for the next highlight +++

The game between the two penalty areas is currently taking place. Kyiv had a corner kick from which an unplaced conclusion resulted. The BVB is up to date.

+++ 18.Minute: Hit holds! +++

Shaparenko takes responsibility and shoots. However, his attempt too unplaced, half -high and too center, so Heat parried the shot.

+++ 17th minute: penalty for Kyiv! +++

The next goal is in the air! In the sixteen, Dovbyk claims the ball very skillfully against Pongracic, who can be quenched twice and then digs the striker.

+++ 14. Minute: Alu-Pech for BVB +++

The BVB gets its first corner kick - and almost the equalization. Reus pulls the standard on the short post, where Pongracic brings the ball to the goal. Keeper Bushchan can just steer the end to the crossbar.

+++ 11. Minute: Second goal for Kyiv! +++

Now you really get a taste here, it is 2-1 for the guests! This time Buyalskiy shines as a preparer by playing a long ball from the center line towards Dortmund's penalty area. Vanat starts, prevails against Semic and pushes the ball past heat into the left lower corner.

+++ 9th minute: Kyiv compensates for! +++

As soon as you speak, the hit for Dynamo is already falling! Shaparenko picks up on the BVB penalty with three opponents and gives up to Buyalskiy. It doesn't torch for long and flows the leather exactly next to the long posts into the corner.

+++ 7th minute mood increases +++

Borussia Dortmund vs. Dynamo Kyiv | Highlights – Charity Match Immediately after the Dortmund leadership, the Ukrainian fans in the stadium are also noticeable. With "Dynamo, Dynamo" calls, try to whip your team forward. The mandatory end of the attack campaigns is still missing.

+++ 4th minute: Gate for BVB! +++

And the first goal for BVB falls out of nowhere! In the middle of their own half, BVB conquered the ball and switches quickly. Haaland is sent on the trip and runs in 2-to-1 towards Kiev Tor. He releases cycling-Gitten, which drains flat in the right lower corner from the penalty area.

+++ 3rd minute: Committed start +++

The guests come into the game well and have a lot of possession at the beginning. You are looking for "your" striker Artem Dovbyk, who is supposed to act as a wall player. His first shelf is clarified at the last moment.

+++ kick -off! +++

The symbolic impetus is allowed to perform the 13-year-old refugee Nikita, for whom the dream of being able to enter such a stadium today. The young player from Dynamo plays the ball to Erling Haaland, who acknowledges the whole thing with a smile, a thumb up and then with applause. So now the ball rolls.

+++ Ukraine anthem runs +++

Before the ball rolls, there is now a moment to pause. We hear Julia Sanina with a live version of the Ukrainian hymn, which has the title "Ukraine has not yet died".

+++ players enter the place +++

Now both teams come from the field. All players wear T-shirts with peace messages, the players' players have passed their state flag. "Stop the genocide in Mariupol" stands on their shirts that have Borussen "united by Borussia" on their shirts. Now pose in front of a banner on which "Stop was". In the background, "You'll Never Walk Alone" runs, which has a deeper message today than with a "normal" game.

+++ impetus is delayed +++

The players are still in the catacombs, haste is not offered today. The impetus may be delayed by a few minutes, there will also be some spectators at the enema.

+++ Schiris share the job +++

The referee team is also a special team today, where the work is shared there. Bundesliga referee Patrick Ittrich is supposed to lead the second half and shares this job with the Ukrainian referee Denys Shurman.

+++ This is Dynamo Kyiv +++

The game has been in the Ukrainian league since the outbreak of war. The Dynamo Kyiv professional team got safe and mainly stays in Romania and tries to keep up there. The best known name in the capital club is probably coach Mircea Lucescu, who worked successfully for Shakhtar Donetsk for many years. The most famous players are Mykola Shaparenko and Serhiy Sydorchuk, which we will see in the central midfield. A total of eight Ukrainian internationals are on the pitch, including Artem Dovbyk, who actually plays at Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk.

+++ meaning of the game for the Ukrainians +++

Ex-Bundesliga star Andrey Voronin just commented on the importance of this game for Ukraine in the "ZDF": "That means a lot to our country. It shows us above all that we are not alone in this difficult situation. We are very grateful that this is done for us. "

+++ This is how BVB +++ begins

BVB coach Marco Rose chose a mix of well-known faces and youngsters in his line-up. Marvin Hitz stands in goal, his compatriot Manuel Akanji defends with Marin Pongracic in front of him. Lion Semic and Nico Schulz begin in the external positions. The boss in midfield is Emre Can, beside him, Berkan Taz, Jamie Bynoe-Gitten and Immanuel Pherai act. Captain Marco Reus begins as well as Sturmstar Erling Haaland.

+++ Game in the sign of solidarity +++

Although the game has a serious reason, of course, the mood in the Signal Iduna Park is good. Gradually there are more and more spectators, around 30,000 spectators are expected. Many families are there, numerous self -designed posters can be seen. BVB boss Hans-Joachim Watzke said just on "ZDF", he hoped for income of 350,000 to 400,000 euros.

+++ Welcome +++

Hello and welcome to the -Live ticker for a friendly game between Borussia Dortmund and Dynamo Kyiv! Around 20 minutes until the kick -off, we provide you with the most important information in advance.

According to information from "Bild", the black and yellow will not spare a player tonight. So the fans can look forward to all stars - such as Erling Haaland, Marco Reus and Co..

The proceeds of the game benefit according to BVB of an organization that helps Ukrainians in need. Ukrainians can book free tickets for the game online.

+++ help families in Ukraine! The RTL donation marathon guarantees that every cent arrives. All information and donations here! +++

According to BVB, over 30,000 tickets were sold by Tuesday afternoon, and solidarity bracelets are also offered.

"We are at the side of the Ukrainians, have already brought many tons of relief goods to the country together with the BVB family and now want to collect money," said BVB boss Hans-Joachim Watzke.

Kiev coach Mircea Lucescu hoped for many spectators in an interview with the "Augsburger Allgemeine". "I hope that the great BVB supporters also fill this time the beautiful stadium to make their contribution to the good purpose of encounter," Lucescu said.

Before the BVB game, Dynamo Kyiv had already played games against Legia Warsaw, Galatasaray and CFR Cluj to stay in rhythm and do something for a good cause.


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