Borussia Dortmund - VfL Bochum 3: 4: Three penalty in sieve door spectacle in Dortmund

The BVB lost the small district derby against VfL Bochum 3: 4 (2: 2) on the 32nd matchday of the Bundesliga (please click here). The Dortmund first turned the game after 0-2 deficit thanks to a triple pack of Erling Haaland, but Bochum not only equalized, but also made victory by penalty.

Thanks to two academics, Haaland equalized the early second tour of Bochum in the first half thanks to the VAR and referee Robert Hartmann, which were only given by checking by the VAR and referee. In the second half, the Norwegian initially turned the game for BVB with his third goal of the afternoon, but Bochum came to equalize thanks to a beautiful ball acceptance by Jürgen Locadia and an error Manuel Akanjis before Axel Witsel provoked the third penalty of the afternoon. Milos Pantovic managed the acclaimed winning goal (85th). For Biochum it was the first victory at BVB in 23 years.

BVB - VfL Bochum: The analysis

VfL Bochum lurked on counterattack - and made BVB embarrassed shortly after the start of the game. After a nice campaign by the Dortmund starting eleven debutant Jamie Bynoe-Gitten, in which Erling Haaland had been offside before his passing, Bochum's keeper Manuel Niemann brought his wide criminal offense to Takuma Asano.

Dortmund's right -back Raphael Guerreiro had a minimal thrust from the Konzeot by the Japanese, asanos flank reached Sebastian Polter, who was completely free thanks to a slip Manuel Akanis and balanced the ball to the goal. The attacker initiated the 2: 0 by Gerrit Hotmann in the eighth minute with a pass on Asano. Again, the Dortmunders could not build pressure on the Japanese, who could fit on Holtmann, who scored the 2-0 with a beautiful Schlenzer (8th).

The BVB needed twice the Var, two penalty and twice Erling Haaland to compensate for the game again and to take control from now on. Had Milos Pantovic still unhappily touched the ball before the first penalty (18th), the second handlebiter decision was also a lot harder.

Haaland had pressed down at the Positonkampf in the Elvis Rexhbecaj penalty area, the Bochumer had touched his arm when trying to free himself from Haaland's clasp. Haaland didn't care: he shot the penalty in the bottom left into the goal. He had placed the first one at the bottom right.

The BVB subsequently took control of the game. The passionately defending guests were initially able to thank goalkeeper Manuel Riemann that BVB did not decide the game earlier. Thanks to Haaland's third hit, BVB scored 3: 2, but then missed everything. In return, Jürgen Locadia met Akanji 3: 3 after Pantovic even got the 4: 3, as was the case with the game.

A gave way after the defeat in direct duel at FC Bayern Munich the next disappointment for BVB. Bochum has now been saved by the victory.

BVB - VfL Bochum: The constellations

Dortmund: Hitz, Guerreiro, Zagadou, Akanji, Wolf, Bellingham, Witsel, Bynoe-Gitten, Reus, Brandt, Haaland.

Bochum: Riemann, Bockhorn, Leitsch, Masovic, Gamboa, Rexhbecaj, Losilla, Pantovic, Asano, Polter, Holtmann.

BVB - VfL Bochum: The data of the game

Tore: * 0: 1 Polter (3rd), 0: 2 Holtmann (8th), 1: 2 Haaland (18th/trade after VAR), 2: 2 Haaland (30./ trade according to Var), 3: 2 Haaland, 3: 3 Locadia (81.), 3: 4 Pantovic (Collection/85.). Initis: * Referee Hartmann decides on the penalty for BVB in the 18th and 30th minute after two video studies.

  • Polter scored 1-0 for the fourth time this season in the Bundesliga.
  • Borussia Dortmund conceded nine goals in the Bundesliga this season in the early quarter of an hour - there are only more at FC Augsburg (12) and VfB Stuttgart (11).
  • Polter scored after only 2:10, the earliest goal in the Bundesliga for VfL Bochum this season.
  • VfL Bochum took six penalty in the Bundesliga this season - more is only at Borussia Dortmund (10) and RB Leipzig (8).

The star of the game: Erling Haaland (BVB)

An eleventh at the bottom right, a penalty at the bottom left, a winning goal after a double pass with his left leg: the goal scorer was once again in his element. Five of his shots went on goal, three converted. This quart should first imitate him.

The flop of the game: Manuel Akanji (BVB)

The Dortmund central defender was decisively involved in three goals. Slidfully slipped before 0: 1, did not put pressure on Takuma Asano before 0: 2 and literally refused to do the duel against Jürgen Leonardo Locadia before the 3: 3. It no longer helped that his data was basically decent. Loading | |


Borussia Dortmund vs Bochum 3-4 - Bundesliga - Highlights & Goals

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The referee: Robert Hartmann

The referee from Wangen really looked at both Bochum handballs in the penalty area again. The second penalty for Dortmund was too hard. Axel Witsel's handball before Bochums 4: 3 saw Hartmann immediately.


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