WWE 2K22 - All unlockable in myrise

How to get your way through progression MYRISE by WWE 2K22 mode you are involved in a good story, with several branched paths that lead you down the way to become the face or heel of your dreams. As you fight up, they will encounter old and new arenas, and some who may not have experienced them in their regular game modes.

While SuperCharger is a great feature to get a big boost and helps to relieve the grind a bit. There are still some characters and arenas that need to be activated by traditional game methods. Myrise has a few different stages behind his mode, and today we will immerse yourself in these steps and see what they expect!

WWE 2K22 - unlockable myrise stages

If you take it with the big, you will find yourself in new areas where you have never been before, as a large number of you is available from the beginning and will be unlocked during the game. Since both male and female characters have their own unique action strands, they will encounter arenas, depending on the route that they take through their story mode, which they need to experience themselves to completely unlock them.

WWE 2K22 All Unlockables Excluding 2K Showcase & MyRise Rewards

After playing the story mode both as male and as a female figure, you will unlock all different levels that you can achieve, and you are as follows:

  • Mexico Square
  • Japanhalle
  • King of the ring
  • Mae Young Classic
  • Wrestlemania - myrise
  • Evolution
  • LAW
  • Bcw
  • Queen of the ring

There are also exclusive characters that can only interact within myrise, which are unfortunately locked in mode. There is a possibility that you can be used in the future, but currently has no way to use it with normal methods.

Since the game gives large quantities of characters through DLC, you may see more arenas and possibly even more action strands added to myrise, but as it looks like, you can unlock a great list of additional levels and explore the world of WWE by its entertaining and creative story mode. Visual Concepts understood the task this time and supplied one of the best wrestling games of all time together with a wealth of content that already surrounds the walls of this spectacle occupied with stars, and gave the players the incentive to try out new modes even greater.

WWE2K22 is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One and PC.

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