Talent show at VfB: 17

These days are in the course of a season, in which the hinterbreaks of a professional advertising can promote themselves. And not only the. Even talents from the in-room young talent center may be combined "top" regularly. This time, Reichardt, besides other VFB talents such as Lukas Lautipeimer (18), was given this joy. The 17-year-old, who is already home to the U 19 despite his age, and already allowed the jersey of the Stuttgart U 21 in the regional league southwest, grabbed the chance on the head.

"The Youth", as sports director Sven Mislinat calls the blonde Schlaks, "has made a good impression in the first units. He did it really well for his first days." Crowned with a considerable performance in the test match against the SV Sandhausen. At the 2-3 defeat against the second division from the Baden Land, Reichardt was allowed to play the left-edge protein in the four-seater chain and did so very well. Technically good, ball and personal and safe as well as untouched and also from the sometimes something rough gait of the opponent unimpressed, the teen on his wing did not allow anyone.

Fallless appearance in the test game

"Shooting tested, may come back" should be in the first interim item. Even if Reichardt focused only in the 35-minute first half of the game only on the basics: good, stable defensive work. Without impetuous projects or dangerous flank runs, as you like VfB Audience Lieble Borna Sosa so gladly. But yet a flawless appearance for a 17-year-old.

What makes Sandhausen loan Alou Kuol?

Tarek Buchmann vs. VFB Stuttgart U19 (13/03/2022) | FC Bayern München Talent "Everyone did well," says Mishlint over all the training guests, who also talked about another VFB talent on the edge of the game. On Alou Kuol, who was awarded to Sandhausen in winter, but lacked the test match. The Australian, which has 18 games for the U 21 of the VfB and scored seven goals, began at the Australian U-21 national team. That he brought it to no second division's use so far, is not a problem, so mislint. "That can happen, that's a jump. But that's what it's all about."

For the Australian with Sudanese roots already shown in the Regionalliga, "that he can do goals. And that in a team that does not play up", be it important to climb the next development levels. It applies, "to bring him about training sessions, over high intensity and hardness. Regardless of whether he plays. This will bring him a lot". And the Stuttgarten, who had good experiences with bonds to Sandhausen. For example, near Nikolas Nartey, the 2020/21 completed a good season at the SVS before returning to VfB.

Kuol had a little bit bad because his lending came to the Badische late in January and he missed the preparation. "He found a Stammelf. That's difficult for young players," explains Mishintat. In addition, the overall constellation is a bit complicated, "if a team is in the relegation battle. I hope Sandhausen can settle down something so that Alou can also reward himself".


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