Hyde on maternal boss Core Keeper Hive

The fight against cunning bosses can be simultaneously annoying, and exciting. Core Keeper has its own share of cunning bosses. In this guide, the Core Keeper Hive Mother Boss will consider victory strategies over Hive Mother Boss in Core Keeper and discussed all the necessary prerequisites.

Where is the mother hive in Core Keeper

Mother Ulya is the third boss with which you will come across Core Keeper. It can be tedious if you try to find a boss without assistance. If you have a mother's cheese scanner, find the boss becomes much easier.

You can get a cheele mother scanner, approaching the shrill statue located in the kernel. You can get a mothers scanner for 5 ancient stones and 5 mechanical details.

Core Keeper [Demo Version] - Hive Mother Boss destroyed and demo completed (episode 5) After receiving the scanner and its use, the location of the mother's cheelee will be marked on the map with a red circle. You can easily reach the specified place.

Recommended products

The following items are recommended in the battle of the mother's cheese, as they will give you so necessary advantage.

  • An iron sword
  • Iron shovel
  • Iron armor
  • Therapeutic potion
  • Potion yaresti
  • Raw pepper wrap

How to defeat mother hive in Core Keeper

Mother hive is one of the most difficult bosses with which you will come across at the beginning of the game. It may take several attempts if you try all the muscles and you will not use a brain approach. There is a simple way to defeat the monster, but at first you need to understand his attacks.

The mother of the hive does not enter the battle, if you do not attack her first. So this is an excellent opportunity not to hurry, watch your surroundings and eliminate any threats that can prevent your attacks during the battle.

Several larvae around the boss are embraced you if you come to them, so it's better to read them in advance.

It is proposed to dig and expand the territory around the maternal hive so that you have more space for movement. There are several small structures around the mother, and they are fixed. These are areas where mobes will appear and attack you.

You can quickly damage the mob while it appears to kill it, but sometimes it can take a lot of time and can damage your overall attack strategy.

The best way to cope with them is to build a wooden box around the design so that the enemy can not leave.

Take care of everything in the surrounding area, finally it's time to take care of the mother of the hive. Hive Mother static and does not move. Instead, he spits the acid into the sky, which falls on you on top and causes damage.

You must continue to move to dodge the acid. As soon as the acid falls to the floor, it covers this part of the floor, and every time you step on it, you get damage.

Start attacking my mother's sword and continue to move in a circle around it, so that as much as possible can be at the acidic attack, and as soon as a red marker appears on Earth, indicating that the acid attack is approaching, move.

You can reduce the distance and cause damage when the mother's mother does not alicate acid attacks. Repeat the process, and the victory will be yours.

You will receive the following items by defeating the mother of the hive.

  • Mother's heart hive
  • Meat Larvae
  • Fabric ring
  • Ancient gemstone
  • Fiber
  • Iron


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