Champions League: Jürgen Klopp warns in front of Inter

TEAMMANAGER Jürgen Klopp from FC Liverpool does not want to rest on the 2-0 lead against the second leg in the Champions League secondary finals against Inter Milan.

"I think that's the lead, who was most often turned around in football history," said Klopp before the match on Tuesday (21.00 pm / Dazn). Nevertheless, he admitted: "It's a much better result when I expected it before the first game."

Before the duel at the Anfield Road, the Reds show in capturing form. The past twelve mandatory games they all won, in the final around the League Cup, they most recently defeated FC Chelsea, and in the Premier League, Liverpool moved to a game less than six points at Peaker Manchester City. Klopp therefore sees parallel to his teams that had gained the royal class in 2019 and the championship in the year.

"We have the same level, the same level"

"We have the same level, the same level, but that is necessary," Klopp said, "In the season, in which we won the Champions League, we played an incredible season in the league. We are only because of it Not a point did not master. The year after we have obviously ranked short. " The Konstanz, who currently lay his team on the day, is "really impressive."

Jurgen Klopp Siap Tinggalkan Liverpool pada 2024 Nevertheless, Klopp does not see the first candidate on the other titles in the current season. In addition to League and Champions League Liverpool is also included in the FA Cup. "At the moment we have to talk about how well we are. Nothing happened yet," Klopp said, "There was a cup to win - we have won that, but we are certainly not favorite."


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