1. FC Cologne vs. 1. FC Union Berlin: two coaches, two worlds

It does not often happen that an opposing trainer is already celebrated in the presentation. It will be time again this Friday. For the first time for a long time, the stadium will be full of over 22,000 fans on the old forester.

Steffen Baumgart knows how loud it will be. First, because he played there, secondly, because his family still has their place of life and an apartment in Berlin-Köpenick.

Baumgart against Urs Fischer, 1. FC Cologne against the 1st FC Union Berlin. The prelude of the 28th matchday of the Football Bundesliga will take the same time to the mood with special edge notes. Because on the sideline are two coaches, both of which carry the Irishes in the heart.

"Special lot" in the old forester

Baumgart, because he played there from 2002 to 2004 and built a special relationship with the club with the worker image. His wife Katja worked for the club until 2019. "Union always interests me and more than other clubs. I want to know if it's union or bad," he said the "picture" newspaper.

Fischer is already a legend as a current Union coach, because he led the club in the summer of 2019 in the Bundesliga and established him right there.

Baumgart against fisherman. Who are the two? And how are the two? Fischer has been working since July 2018 at Union, is 56 years old, played in his professional career for FC Zurich and FC St. Gallen. In Zurich he also trained, further stations were only the FC Thun and the FC Basel.

Fischer stands for Konstanz. He does not give much about the private Urs Fischer price, but recently revealed in an interview of the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" that he is a "huge" Michael Jackson fan. Fishermen came up with all the personnel crowds at the Unionnern so far, the departure from Max Kruse in winter but once again a special challenge.

The balance since then is more sobering: five defeats, just a victory and a draw. Union slipped down nine. Opponent Cologne, who has never gained in the Bundesliga against the Iron (four defeats, a draw), travels as a seventh. With Baumgart, the former Unioner on the line. Since the summer of last year he coaches the Cologne. And makes it there too, like everywhere.

"It's just 90 minutes full throttle football"

"He sparks a magic in a club," Sven Michel said about Baumgart. The Union Professional and the Cologne Trainer know each other in Paderborn together: "It's just 90 minutes full throttle football." Baumgart Become a fire for Cologne, "No matter how it is," Michel prophesied for the game in Berlin.

1. FC Köln - Union Berlin 2-2 | Highlights | Matchday 11 – Bundesliga 2021/22 Baumgart seems like a human epicenter. Legendary is the video from his corona quarantine. Emotional would be understated when the 50-year-old is in action.

All the more remarkable, what this Steffen Baumgart, who lets the Cologne dream of international business, says about Urs Fischer and what matters to this. "His peace and experience," he emphasized in an interview of the "picture" and made his Swiss colleague a giant compliment: "Urs is not for nothing for me for nothing the best coach, which there is very many wishes and longings, also because he embodies the club. " Baumgart has to know.


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