Trailer release of ecosystem sim "Adapt". Solve the original life body to the world and observe its life

UK Base Publisher Slug Disco Studios published the trailer of the life observation game " ADAPT " on February 4. This work plans to deliver for PC (STeam). Release time and price are undecided at the time of writing.

"ADAPT" is a work mainly by simulating ecosystems. By customizing a particular life body and placing it under the desired environment, it is a survival game that observes and guides the relationship between the prosperity and other species. Players combine diverse parts Combine original organisms and lead seeds in the world where the environment is constantly changing.

Ecology of the life body manipulated by the player depends on the characteristics of the part with physical characteristics. For example, a fish that can control the water flow if you have a shaft organs, and with an exoskeleton and joints and joints, it will be an arthropod animal that can advance to all environments such as land and sea. Also, in addition to physical characteristics, the gene inherits can be selected freely. If you have a DNA specialized in smell, you can quickly detect the external enemies that are smelled and lly to each place, and if equipped with a DNA of body color change, it will be dissolved in the background color.

Once your favorite life body is completed, place eggs under a specific environment such as land, mountain summit and the sea. The birth of a hatched life body from eggs is entrusted to the player's judgment. While protecting yourself from the opposite enemy that attacks, you will be a life as a living life while securing food. It is also possible to aim for the prosperity of the species with the same type, and attacking all the tribes, and it is also possible to control the environment with hostility, and we will combine and combine other vias and friendly relationships. Lead the seeds freely with the player.

NEW SPEC EVOLUTION GAME! Making Our Own Creature | Adapt (Spec Evolution Game Part 1)

In the official explanation, since it is expressed as spore-like in the genre of this work, this work can be influenced by the ecosystem simulation "Spore". "SPORE" is a game that simulates the evolution of the organism that the "Sim" series produced parent Will WRIGHT has been engaged. If "SPORE" is a work mainly for life evolution, "ADAPT" can be said to be a work specialized for specific ecosystem simulations. Slug Disco Studios has been selling and developing works that mainly organisms, such as ant colony shim "Empires of the Undergrowth" and "Beetle Uprising" to simulate the gene of beetles.

The Game Developer Paul Hervé in Berlin, responsible for the development of this work, is "a really great collaboration. There is no more collaborators". Also in the company's director Liam Comerford, "I felt something special in the deepest editor to create a living body and a surprisingly colorful world view," ADAPT felt something special "and comments. It was possible to have intensive to be created while responding each other's creative.

The release time and price of "ADAPT" are currently undecided. Since the demo version of this work is currently distributed, I want you to check the STEAM page if you are concerned.


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