Steam: Valve is not even during Black History Month against racist games

Steam is the largest digital gaming storefront ever. Meanwhile, Valves platform comprises over 60,000 different video games, compared to last year, this is a growth of more than 10,000 new titles. Of course, you can not reach such a high number if you only offer the most famous games from the big companies, but also various indie Developer picks up in the boat.

Why Not Everyone Supports Black History Month

Valve does not use its own rules

To bring his own game to Steam is actually not so difficult. For this you have to fill out only one form and pay for a fee. Once Valve checked the information, your own game can be sold on Steam. According to Valve itself, however, there are some rules that a new game has to hold. For example, as the first point, the company writes under "What you should not publish on Steam":

_ "People's commitment and hate sponsors, hatred for violence against or discrimination against groups due to their ethnicity, religion, gender, age, age, disability or sexual orientation." _

However, looking at the page of new publications on Steam reveals that Valve often does not prevail all the rules. Here are often some games that should not have appeared on the platform. For example, an example of recent years is the title "Rape Day", the Valve removed after immense negative feedback from the community of Steam. The AMOklauf simulator HATED can still be purchased in most regions.

Extremely racist game free on Steam available

Recently, some Steam users found another game, which would probably not have been on Valves Storefront. The game "Tyrone vs Cops" describes itself as follows:

_ "Awake of the latent power of your melanine and kill policemen in this thinking stimulating game about the brutality of the police in America." _

Here you play the protagonist Tyrone, a name that is often assigned to unknown African American men. Your only goal is to shoot the policemen over the pile with different weapons, which should probably be a comment on police power for the developers. The features of the title include things like "Hold your weapon slanted" and "get support from federal agents".

Furthermore, there are skills such as "tactical cocaine", and achievements such as "pharaoh", "pusher" and "demelanized". For example, a person who sells illegal drugs as Pusher. The harmless trophy Pharaoh also plays on the racist "Meme" "We Wuz Kings". This was born in the controversy Internet Forum 4chan and makes fun of the theory of a dark-skinned society in ancient Egypt.

Tyrone VS COPS also has a DLC, which grants a Weapon Skin in Golden Color. "Purely cosmetic. An absolute waste of money. Buy it. Tyrone would". With all these racist stereotypes, it is probably no coincidence that the title was released during the Black History Month.

Overall, the game serves as well as all racist prejudices against dark-skinned persons. The developer studio behind the title, Team Sneed, presumably consists of active 4CHAN users. "Sneed" is often used in the forum to make fun of mentally limited persons. Also, the term is often used when another person does not understand a "joke".

The team would like to express that they allow themselves a joke with their titles. "Humor" has long been used as a right-wing extremist strategy, as some people would like to escape any responsibility by pretending a joke.

The last game of the developer bears the name "Cuckold Simulator: Life as a Beta Male Cuck," and also attacks like wearing a mask during the Corona Pandemic. The developers would probably only consider a "Cuck" to the maskords.

Both games of the developers have hundreds of reviewes, of which most of them are positive. The titles are not very well known, but Steam probably showed you enough people, so a small fan base could form around them. In the user reviews and steam forums, numerous racist comments of different users can be found.

Valve does not decide against racism

Above all, Tyrone vs Cops probably contradicts pretty sure the very first rule Valves on Steam, but the company does not seem to be interested in actually enforcing its rules. For example, Valve recently announced that no blockchain games were allowed to steam. A short time later, the Indie-hit Poppy Playtime NFTs published worth 90 US dollars to their game, but you can still buy the title quite normal on Steam.

Steam has its own reporting function for such inappropriate products. But "racism" is not a selectable option here. Due to this missing report function, it is all the more incomprehensible that Valve racist and similarly customized games are not checked before the release and optionally blocks.

A few years ago, Valve published a blog post in which one explained to allow every game on Steam, if this would not be something "illegal" or clear "trolling" and thus extracted most of all responsibility for their own platform. This way, titles such as "Sex With Hitler" and "Sex With Stalin" can still be purchased in most regions without problems.

Valve emphasized several times that developers want to want more freedom with their games, as the company no longer wants to make the decision published on Steam and what not. Developers of games like Tryone vs Cops use this as free letter to spread world pictures from prejudices. Here, no long decision-making should be needed whether the game enriches steam or not.

Of course, for some Indie developers, this new principle is much better than the old system Steam Greenlight. But a better job in the moderation of the new Steam Direct system would definitely have to afford. Only when there is enough outcry in the community, Valve is currently thinking about acting at all.

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