Genar literally ate another Pokémon in the newest episode of the anime

The gene of Ash literally ate another Pokémon in the most recent episode of viajes Pokémon _! _ The most recent iteration of the anime has been one of the most intense for Ash Ketchum to date, as he continues to advance in the ranks of the series World Coronation. While he and GOH travel through each region of the franchise presented so far, he has faced some very remarkable and challenging opponents to make him come true. And since the fans have seen, he has led the unique team this season to completely new heights thanks to all the extravagant strategies for victory.

Fans have seen Ash think out of the box many times to win the battles of him in the anime, and that is especially true for Pokémon Journeys episode 99. Recently transmitted in Japan, the episode saw Ash confront the favorite of fans, Marnie, as the next great opponent of him in the Ultra class. The GrimmSnarl de Marnie gave Ash some important problems, since he was able to survive the Gigantamax form of genegar, but when the transformation of him began to give in, Ash orders him to eat directly the load in Grimmstarl. Look at it as Vio @Chozet on Twitter:

ASH VS MARNIE! | Pokémon Journeys Episode 99 Review

Episode 99 of the series showed why ash and MARNIE had been able to ascend both in the classification of the world series of coronation as they two, and they saw their GrimmSnarl doing everything possible to face genegar. Thanks to Ash unlocked the Gigantamax form of geneing through prior efforts at the beginning of the series, he was able to face face to face with Marnie's Gigantamax GrimmSnarl. The battle of him was certainly fierce, and the fact that gengar was eaten the other Pokémon surprisingly it was not the end of the battle.

By defeating Marnie, Ash has now reached the highest status of him in the tournament so far. He has reached the Top 15 in the general classification and is only a real battle to enter the Top 8 Master Class. But it will be easier to say, since this upper class presents some regional champions that return and some new and powerful opponents with which Ash could face as he continues to reach the top.

But what do you think? How do you feel when you see how to generate another Pokémon in the anime? Was this an expected use of the Gigantamax form of genegar? Let us know all the thoughts of him about it and all Pokémon in the comments!


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