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Since the Sony after the PS Vita-Fiasko has swept his back to the handheld market, Nintendo has a slight game thanks to the switch. A designer duo now shows how beautiful a new edition of the PSP could look like in this day.

Modern PSP: That's how your Switch alternative appeared, Sony!

The 2000s were a real revelation for handheld fans. While Nintendo enabled the DS completely new game concepts, Sony made a technically solid console with the PSP to press a technically sound console in a compact robe. But while the PlayStation Portable still sold as sliced ​​bread, the sales number of PlayStation Vita could not compete more with those of its predecessor.

Since then, PlayStation fans are waiting for a handheld comeback of Sony — but the company seems to have taken this idea completely to the nail. And that's damn bitter! For as beautiful a modern form of PSP could look like, the designer Andrea Gallatin and Nicola Menotti have now impressively demonstrated.

On the Website Behance, they invited numerous pictures that shows the potential new handheld console from all perspectives . Here is a selection of impressive work:

All pictures of the new PSP design at a glance

  • To the Instagram account of Nicola Menotti
  • To the Instagram account by Andrea Gallatin

What did the PS Vita fail?

PSP After the groundbreaking success of the PSP almost all players assumed that the PS Vita would become a true hit. But only slightly more than 16 million handheld consoles could ultimately be sold — for Sony a real click.

PS Vita (used) at Gunshot

The lack of success should have been a homemade problem. After all, while at least some real high-cowards for the PS Vita appeared, the handheld was soon neglected. You probably could not sell as many consoles as you expected — and the growing mobile gaming market should have been a mandrel in the eye of Sony.

Although the success of the switch shows that there are still interest in a solid handheld console among the players, but now Sony does not seem to be interested in a direct confrontation with Nintendo. Whether this could change again in a few years remains to be seen.


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