Nexon Foundation, `Borderless Competition: PLAY Edition Showcase audience review

Groups chosen as the last winning job offer an opportunity of utilizing Nixon Gaming IP cost-free usage, efficiency hall, and also promotions, including in the assistance of 50 million won. The final champion will certainly be presented as a performance in the initial fifty percent of this year.

[Kids Information 24 Moon Young — Sew] Nixon (Representative Lee Jong-un) introduced on June 20, the first Borderless Competitors: Play Version of the Play Plate on January 20, which is coming from the Nixon Structure (Lee Jeong-wook).

In this showcase performance, you can see the efficiency of three groups selected through files and PT reviews. The originating from 7:00 pm to 2 hrs august for half an hour, and also it is held at the NASA Fighting Style of Seoul.

An individual that wishes to participate as a target market examination will have the ability to use for a showcase performance ticket completely free with Jan. 6, as well as the target market examination team is lastly picked with a lotto game of the candidate.

On the other hand, the Nixon Structure was hung on the 25th anniversary of the domestic on-line video game in 2019, the past as well as existing, the video game of the on-line video game, and also the video game of the Financing Combined Exhibition game/ welcome you '. In 2020, different protestors have been making numerous initiatives to announce the social worth of the game, such as revealing the on the internet conversation program 'Borderless: Wiki Take game rearing' that will certainly share the tale about the video game.

Kim Jung Took Nixon Structure, claimed, It is really thankful to present the jobs of the game and typical art through the first Borderless Competition. I will certainly remain to support a variety of efforts.

The Nixon Foundation is to recruit the target market examinations to welcome the know-how of the art and video game, as well as get involved in the evaluation of the creative as well as game users, and also the public who want the customers of Nixon Gaming and standard art performances.


The three groups taking part in the performances are 'Boss5', 'Play Band', 'Hyundai Yeon-Hee Prototype21', each Nixon's well-known game 'Cart Rider', 'Kara', 'Maple Story 'IP is anticipated to reveal a compliant with various standard arts such as the main musician, the yard, and also washing.

The Borderless Competitors sustain speculative art production making use of video game IP and also intends to spread out the cultural web content of the video game as well as increase the worth of the game and increase the scholarship of the art.


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