Call of Duty: Vanguard: Activision verklagt Cheat Creator

Activision has filed a lawsuit against the company registered in Germany Engine owning, which is accused in the development, sale, sales, marketing and the use of a portfolio of malignant cheats and hacks for popular online multiplayer games, especially for [Call of Duty], involved.

The Cheats of Engine owning include according to the website Auto-Aiming, Auto-Firing and the display of the location of other players at a price of 4.49 euros for three-day access of up to 139.99 euros for 90-day access.

Activision argues that the cheats have inflicted the company massive and unrecognizable damage to the company and the call of the company and have escaped him significant revenue.

Because the COD games are so popular, try unscrupulous persons and companies such as [Engine owning] often to exploit the games for their own personal profit and profit by selling cheats, hacks and other malicious software, knowing that they do that Gaming experience for other players ruin and damage activism.

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Activision has explained according to own information on 500,000 Perm bans against War zone players since the start 2020. The publisher had introduced an anti-cheat driver on PC last month to recognize anti-cheat software that may be in the background.

This driver, which is also published for Call of Duty: Vanguard, must be installed together with a War zone Pacific Update in and is required to play the game on the PC.


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