2021 year, is the most mentioned game on domestic Twitter?

2021 worldwide Twitter users to create game-related tweets' are 24 billion . What most-tweeted video game in Korea?

One of the most pointed outs were many games in Korea Twitter is . 2 years represented successive. International No. 1 rose above 5. Better, and so on, listened to inside the top 10 in the international positions took a high rank in Korea. South Korea video game in the etc. recognizable. Finally, the e-sports group in Korea Twitter users are most mentioned in 2021 will pay big (Lee, Sang -Yuk) has become a player belonging to SK Telecommunications T1. T1 was also the only pick of the top 10 groups in the Korea e-Sports group positions The majority of referrals in the globe. According to the Twitter

Genshin of 2021 Korea' video game tweets' it was boosted by 14 contrasted to 2020. Possession in the more increase in 2017 not greater than 10 times compared to the numbers revealed the explosion of rate of interest in the Twitter video game. Particularly, the 4th quarter of 2021 is stated that Korea Twitter quarter ever occurred most game-related tweets. ( Full Stats link).

South Korea game in the end so on noticeable. According to the Twitter of 2021 Korea' game video game' it was increased by 14 compared contrasted 2020. Ownership in the further increase in 2017 not more than 10 times compared to the numbers showed the explosion of interest in the Twitter video game. In specific, the fourth quarter of 2021 is said that Korea Twitter quarter ever took place most game-related tweets.

Situated lot of Japanese video games in the top ten it appears Twitter is also associated to the usage of Japanese players. 2021 No. 1 gaming-related tweets A lot of countries is Japan. US and also South Korea are placed 2 and also 3, specifically.

In January 2022 the 11th tweeter Korea announced the Game tweeted 'statistics that happened throughout the year 2021 through the blog site. Let's take a fast appearance at the video game of international worry Twitter customers exposed in the positions.


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