Twitch Tallhart: New spell proves that nobody is safe

The LiveStreaming platform Twitch has enjoyed great popularity for years. But again and again Streamer do not stick to the rules and are banned accordingly. Now it has also met a channel, which probably no one thought he would be banned: Amazon Prime Video. But there is a good reason for that.

Prime video: Spanish Twitch channel is banned

Who does not stick to the rules, flies out! This is not only true in real life, but also on the live-streaming platform Twitch. Again and again self-prominent streamer are temporarily and sometimes permanently banished by the website if they do not stick to the regulations.

Now, however, it has caught a channel from which most fans probably think he would never be banned: Prime Video España.

But why did the Channel ban? Shortly before the completion of the program ESO ES UN LATE moderator Hear Álvarez decided and a grant after a short announcement, to disconnect their upper body for a brief moment :

We try to get the spell... Let's go, you will be banned!

(Source: Desert)

Shortly after the action, the channel was locked on Twitch. How long does the spell apply, is still open. Normally, the streamers concerned will be unlocked after their first offenses after about a month.

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Twitch does not stop even before Amazon

Nmplols message to twitch staff after her head mod gets banned #nmplol #twitch #otk

But why is this spell so especially? Finally, the contents violate the Terms of Use of Twitch.

The outcry of the community is simply stirring simultaneously, that Twitch belongs to Amazon. In other words, Twitch has virtually banned his boss. Thus, Twitch clearly represents that there are no violations of the Terms of Use on his own streaming platform — no matter who she was in debt.

However, it remains to be seen whether the Spanish Twitch channel of Prime video may be released faster than other channel that does not belong to the parent company.


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