The new trailer of Lost Ark, the Amazon MMOPG, confirms us its release date in the West

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Lost Ark - Amazon Keeps Us Waiting Due To New World

Lost Ark, the exclusive MMORPG in South Korea, will finally have its official launch in the West. After battling betas to have a title test, fans will finally access the next February 11, date on which the free download will be available, as it was confirmed in its new trailer unveiled during The Game Awards 2021.

The title will reach PC next February 11 In the game, we can explore vast worlds, look for their numerous secrets, and demonstrate our combat skills that mix the genres of role and action. It is worth mentioning that its launch is intended only for PC, without any mention of a possible version for consoles.

Define your own combat style With your basic and advanced class and personalize your skills, weapons and equipment to show your strength while fighting against hordes of enemies, colossal headers and dark forces looking for the power of lost ark, Reza the official description of the title in Steam.

On the other hand, New World, one of the most popular MMORPG currently, is going through a bad time. The game lost 135,000 players per week, and continues to receive negative reviews on their Steam page.


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