The guide of the Galas of Awards in Videogames

Game of Thrones [Gem UV ɹɹOʊNZ], likewise called the iron throne (according to the French title of the romantic work of which it is adapted), is a United States Fantasy television collection developed by David Benioff and also DB Weiss, program between 17 April 2011 and May 19, 2019, on HBO in the United States concurrently on HBO Canada in Canada. This is the adjustment of the series of novels composed by George RR Martin given that 1996, saga renowned for its realistic look and by its several inspirations from real historical occasions, areas and also personalities, such as the battle of the two-roses, the Wall of Hadrian or Henry VII Tudor. In France, it has actually been transmitted considering that June 5, 2011, on OCS Cine choc, end up being OCS shock, on Canal + since January 10, 2013, and also rebroadcast in clear on D8 (become C8) from October 28, 2013, as well as on D17 (currently STAR) 2014. The background of the series, located on the make believe continents of Westeros and also ESSS at the end of a summer season of 10 years, interlaces 3 huge intrigues. The very first intrigue informs Jon Snow's story as well as the future enhancing risk of wintertime coming close to, legendary and legendary creatures from north Westeros wall surface that divides the kingdom from the seven crowns of the hazard situated beyond. The 2nd intrigue relates the strategy of Daenerys Targaryen, south of ESSS, (the last expatriation representative of the dropped dynasty) in order to return to the iron throne; icon of outright power. The third intrigue tale the history of the participants of several honorable families, in a civil battle to overcome the iron throne of the kingdom of the 7 crowns. With these morally unclear personalities, the series checks out the topics relevant to political power, climate modification, the social power structure, faith, civil war, sexuality and violence generally. Game of Thrones has gotten an incredibly large and also energetic global fan base. The series has been acclaimed by the bulk of objection, although some have actually sent out bookings concerning the high amount of violence and also sex in the narrative. She has actually gotten lots of awards, including a Hugo prize for the very best dramatic fiction and also a Peabody Award, in addition to 10 premix time Emmy Awards — consisting of three to the finest remarkable collection for the first three seasons — two nominations at the Golden Globes. Within a significant distribution primarily made up of British stars, the American star Peter Dinklage won the Emmy Honor along with the Golden Globe of the best actor in a 2nd duty for his analysis of Tyrion Lannister. The British star Package Harrington won the Young Hollywood Awards of the finest star for his interpretation of Jon Snow. The British starlet Emilia Clarke won the Gracie Allen Awards of the very best actress in a significant collection for his interpretation of Danes Targaryen. In 2013, the Writers Guild of America called 40th 101 the ideal created collection in the background of television. To day, Game of Thrones is one of the most illegally downloaded and install TV series worldwide. In 2015, the collection entered the publication of documents as the most broadcast series worldwide, with 173 countries. It is likewise among one of the most pricey collections in background, the budget plan of period 6 being $100 million, or 10 million per episode.

Oscar The video games. The Eurovision of interactive entertainment. Ronaldinho Christians of video games. We are already in December and with each end of the year, it also has to make a review of all the games that we have been able to prove among those launched during the last twelve months as well as, why not, classify it under our subjective criterion.

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This also happens from the hand of some organizations (some more important than others), and it will be precisely today when the most media gala of all is celebrated with the Game Awards of Geoff Kafka. However, despite the bombing of award-winning and nominated when some events with more repercussion take place, in many cases we do not even know things as basic as it chooses them, the vocation system or the origin of the gala.

In this article we are going to make a review of some of the most important, which sometimes a basic guide of video game gallery.

The Game Awards

Take to start, as it is logical, by The Game Awards, which give meaning to this review for its proximity. The prize gala organized by Geoff Kafka since 2014 will take place during the night from December 9 to 10 at the Microsoft Theater of Los Angeles. And from Microsoft goes, precisely, the controversy that has been formed in this edition with the absence of forza Horizon 5 between the Goths nominees.

Yes, and although The Game Awards have already settled as a showcase in which some prize occurs, it is not worth remembering the functioning of the voting system. As we have already been commenting with the announcement of nominees, these are chosen by means of a vote in which more than 100 specialized media participated around the world, where everyone chooses five titles in each category without a certain order. Of these vows come out the five nominees (or six in case of a tie) with almost all the fish sold, since it is a weighted vote where the means of the media have a value of 90% and those of the public, which has to Choose between the nominees (this year Death loop, IT Takes Two, Metro id Dread, Psychopath 2, Ratchet & Clank: A separate dimension and Resident Evil: village ), 10%.

Therefore, and without the event of the Geoff friend ceased to be questionable for more than one issue, it is not all its responsibility that does not appear out there forza Horizon 5. And I say at all because, although it is true that in theory they enter Games published before November 19 (and came out on 9 of the same month), from Windows Central warn that they did not have enough time to try it, since they had to send their selections before day 4 and their advance access began on Friday 5. However, they also clarify in defense of Kafka, which in the emails received by the media were informed that the votes could be modified until November 11, which many of the journalists overlooked.


We could not leave the Golden Joystick Awards, and less after the controversial and sound decision to grant him to Dark Souls The prize for the best game of all time, a category that does not stop being A dispensing from its own existence. The last gala of this British event was held on November 23 with its thirtieth ninth edition, more or less for the same dates of each year.

The first Golden Joysticks prizes were held in 1983 and started as awards focused on computer games, with the Jetpack of Spectrum and Commodore as the first winner of the game of the year. Later, and with the heyday of Master System and Mega Drive in the United Kingdom, console titles also began to enter the scale, and today it has the classic categories based on its narrative, sound or visual design, besides From the best game of each platform, the annual and the latter addition of the Ultimate Game of All Time, on the occasion of the celebration of the first 50 years of video games.

Games Radar, the British Event Organizing Medium clarified the bases of its nominations and awarded before the last gala. The games that come into the annual framework are those that went between November 20, 2020, and November 13, and the nominees choose journalists from the same medium, PC Gamer, or the Edge, among others, with six Possible winners by category, which ends up choosing the public through its vote. With these conditions, the winner in the last gala to the game of the year 2021 has been Resident Evil Village, a prize according to a gala that aims to choose the best game of all time.

For those who are curious, Games Radar has also wanted to establish the criteria to choose the titles that come into play for this controversial category. They depart from choosing all the previous winners of their own gala (38 in total) added to the lists of 100 best games of all the time of the magazine Edge and Retro Gamer, and all these titles were presented to a jury where each one He had to do his own Top 20 based on the following criteria: Critical reception, legacy and influence, commercial success, social impact and his own subjective interpretation. And those judges where they come from? You would do well to ask you. As well as specialized media journalists already mentioned, they have some great names of the industry, such as Mutsuhito Hard (producer of the TAKEN series) or Debbie Best wick (from Team17). Of course, it has been the public who was in charge of choosing one of those 20 games thanks to their telematics votes.

Awards BAFTA Videotape

Awards BAFTA Video games are one of the most prestigious awards that exist within the industry, and is the British Academy of Cinematographic and Television Arts that in charge of granting them. Although the cinema prizes already existed since 1948, it was not until March 2004 (which covered the best launches between 2002 and 2003) when they delivered the first awards of the video game, with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (as pampered by Rock star in its recent remake) as the first winner in the general category.

The event is usually celebrated around March of the year following the corresponding (the BAFTA 2022, which will be held on March 13, correspond to the games launched in the United Kingdom between January 1 and December 31, 2021, Although those published from December 11 will have to pay a small fine) in order to cover the full 12 months in full and do not stay any out of December, as they explain on their website. They also clarify that, if a game has come before this section but has received an important update during 2021, it can also get to opt for the prize if it shows that it really has something to contribute at the content and innovation level.

As in the previous cases, the different categories range from the prize of the best of the year to some more concrete as the best British game, the best multiplayer or the best technical benefits. In each category there will be six nominees that will have chosen the jury of the event by vote (six with more score) that will have to be announced four weeks before the ceremony, when the final results will be announced. This jury is composed of between nine and twelve industry experts and are chaired by a member or former member of the BAFTA committee. In the last gala, it was Hades the title that rose with the game of the year, and was proclaimed as the most awarded with four other awards.

For the time being, the gala that corresponds to the games launched in 2021 has not announced the nominated games in any of its categories, because of this also tells those who arrive at the horn.

says Annual Awards

Here comes one of the most important, and not because of its movement at the media level but because of this being the closest thing for its own functioning to «the Oscar of video games». The prizes says are those who organize the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIDS), the professional commercial organization of the video game industry, which represents more than 30,000 creative and development members. It will celebrate its twenty-fifth edition between February 22 and 24, 2022, and its first absolute prize winner was Golden eye 007 of Nintendo 64.

Next February, of course, corresponds to the games launched in this year 2021, specifically those published before the past 7 December. The categories, evaluated each year by the Committee, are divided into two different types: eight by gender (action, adventures, simulation, etc.) and the four generals (Got General, Got Online, Got of mobile and a prize for the best game Independent). However, they are not the only prizes offered, but some members of the industry also choose their awards in creative-technical categories, divided into three different disciplines: Designers and producers will be in charge of choosing the winners of five different prizes based on their history, their characters, their sound design, their address and their game design ; Artists, animators and programmers will choose four depending on their art direction, animations, design of characters and technical achievements; And audio designers and musicians will choose three award-winners based on their audio design, original musical composition and characters.

To choose the nominees of each of the general categories, a group of the academy composed of more than 100 professionals in several facets of the industry (editors, developers, critics, artists) through a safe and confidential system, which are usually announced Towards the end of January. Afterwards, with the five nominees by category on the table, a vote is made among the more than 30,000 members to finally decide each of the winners, who will be announced on February 24 during the event that will take place at Mandalay Bay Resort from Las Vegas.

Independent Games Festival and Game Developers Choice Awards

So much Some of the most important developers of the industry that takes place since 1989. The Congress corresponding to this year will take place between March 21 and 25, 2022 at the Mo scone Convection Center of San Francisco, and in it the award-winners will be announced Of both prizes.

The Game Developers Choice Awards (GCA) is celebrated since 2001, and has the inherent individuality in its own name of being selected by video game developers. All the titles launched during the year 2021 are eligible for these prizes, and the nominations of each of their categories are carried out by the International Choice Awards Network (CAN), which counts DEVELOPERS from around the world. Once this process is finished are the Kama Sutra editors (now Game Developer, the joke expired) those responsible for voting the finalists. Finally, a committee also trained by members of Game Developer and CAN vote among these finalists to choose the winners, announced during the GDC.

The Independent Games Festival, also chosen by developers, began in 1998, and aims to promote innovation in the development of games and recognize the work of the best independent developers, and for this they distribute $24,000 among the winners (10,000 all Winner of the Award Seems McNally, the General Award, and 2,000 to the winners of the rest of categories), plus a thousand dollars to all the finalists regardless of whether they achieve a prize or not. Eligible titles will have to have been sent by the developers between August 31 and October 12, 2021, which will be evaluated to choose the finalists by a selection of between 250 and 300 judges, including independent developers and specialized journalists in Indies. A new committee between 7 and 15 people will choose the winners of each category among the finalists, which will be announced on March 23, 2022.


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