Nintendo earns another legal battle against piracy

Valve Corporation is an American development workshop, an author and a video game distributor based in Bellevue, in the state of Washington. Shutoff has actually ended up being famous after the release of his very first game, Half-Life, in November 1998. The Studio has actually expanded the success of Half-Life by developing mods, spin-offs and video games, consisting of fifty percent. Life 2, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress as well as Data 2. Valve is likewise known to be the precursor and leader in the digital distribution of video game material, with its heavy steam system.

7 Crazy Ways Video Game Pirates Were Punished By Developers It is no secret that Nintendo is one of the video game companies with a lower tolerance to piracy, and only this year we have seen the legal team of great do everything possible to prevent them from Users make improper use of your software. Well now we can add another victory to this list.

It happens that Nintendo obtained a mandate by the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom against six Internet providers; BT, EE, Plus net, Sky, Talk talk and Virgin Media, who from now on, must block access to certain ROMs portals for two years. Then we leave you with specific sites:





Nintendo believes that several of these piracy sites are monetized through advertising, in addition to that, according to the large n, adult material is also displayed at the time of wanting to download some ROM from these portals. Nintendo states that they previously wanted to contact the owners of these sites to resolve issues outside the courts, but they did not succeed.

The judge Joanna Smith came to the conclusion that these sites effectively offer illegal material of Nintendo, and that the vast majority of downloads comes from the United Kingdom, as well as clear, all violations to the intellectual property of the Japanese company.

Editor's note: It is clear that Nintendo has no intention of slowing down your crusade against piracy, although it will be impossible to block all sites that offer illegal material from the company. Anyway, it is respected that the Great N want to protect your IPS A as of place.


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