Hideo Kojima and other Japanese designers evoke their ambitions for 2022

Fujitsu did not derogate from the great tradition of end-of-year and, for its last issue of 2021, compensated for the calm of the news by a large round of table with more than 120 personalities of the Japanese video game. The goal, try to read between the lines and scrape some waves promises and clues on the games in production.

This year, honor in Video Kolyma, no doubt the most unpredictable and expected free agent of the class, especially as the rumor sends it in the Xbox arms as part of a game using the Any power of the cloud of the multinational (according to Jeff Grubs of Games beat) but which at the same time would have a ticket with PlayStation and INAMI as part of a game Silent Hill (according to Salvatore Romano de Gematsu).

What can we draw from Kolyma's words in Fujitsu? That after years spent on Death Stranding, Kolyma Productions seems to have signed two different projects. Recall further that the studio has the firm intention to decline its works in other formats, including cinema and television. A big game, and a game that represents a new challenge. While the boundaries of entertainment will disappear in the near future, I would like this year to be an opportunity to take a step forward by taking up the challenge of different media and Expressions, commented the creator of Metal Gear.

Allude, Couch with multiple secrets

After finally get out Shin Mega mi Tense v not without having some success, allude will obviously be expected at the turn in 2022, and not just for ads related to the 25th anniversary of Persona. Responsible for the 1st Creative Department of Atlas, which takes care of Shin Mega mi Tense, Shinji Takeda mentions a title he hopes to become a new pillar for Atlas. This one could even be announced in 2022.

Perhaps what to compete with Satsuma Hashing, which finally seems to advance with the Arlésienne Project re fantasy, a new license supposed to benefit from the expertise of the creators of Persona in the fantasy register. Will we really see the game in 2022? Hashing is careful to make it promise. Project re fantasy, the title I'm heading, and we announced the launch a few years ago, has reached an important phase after ups and downs. I would like to stay focused and work in a team to get in shape. It will be an important year for us, who will allow us to start things to come., He says again.

Finally, I do not take a ride on Kazuhisa WADA's side, the person responsible for the Persona team. After the Steam version of Persona 4 Golden last year, we will come out a remastered version of Persona 4 Ultimate in 2022. Of course, we are progressing on new things, but with regard to Persona, we think it's important For users around the world to enjoy the series through a variety of media, including ancient titles, events and collaborations, can we read. Suffice to say that before he heard about Persona 6, allude will not interfere to expand his flagship franchise with all kinds of surprises more or less necessary.

Cap com more discreet than ever, Square Enix already well charged

At Cap com, the Secret Defense continues on developing projects, if not to say that the very secret pragmatic is aimed at a launch in 2023. If the game announcement as Resident Evil 4 Remake, Street Fighter 6 and Dragon's Dogma 2 Are relatively untamable bets, especially for whom has looked at some leaks, Kyoto Sumoto remains focused on Monster Hunter Rise: Sun break who will come out in the course of next summer. It's just if the producer points out that the Monster Hunter franchise will celebrate 20 years in 2024 and is therefore time to plan all kinds of things.

Mads Mikkelsen talks about his experience to work with - HideoKojima Even the smallest teams are kept in secrecy, which is all the more for Grasshopper Manufacture that the Gnocchi Sudan studio now belongs to the Ne tease Games group. Having farewell to No More Heroes, the studio now works on a brand-new title, the first of this new era in the long history of Suda51. To become a more solid and seductive studio, we will continue to develop every game with always the same care and with the same love, comments on the latter. Grasshopper Manufacture A Reminder Left Family Gulf Online Entertainment, who works on Deaths: Let It Die and prepare to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Puzzle & Dragons with the announcement of different projects that will delight the fans, Digit the CEO Kabuki Morita.

Since we're talking about veterans, Karma Duo (R-Type, Steamboat Chronicles, Disaster Report) will always be on the bridge in 2022 with its Gazelle studio, if only to change its final r-type 2 in R-type Final 3, a magic trick that will be in the form of a free update for all owners of the game. At Falcon, Toshihiri Condo does not forget that the legendary Saga Is will celebrate 35 years in 2022 and invites us to watch future ads. That said, the place of the annual game of the studio seems already busy since The Legend of Heroes: Kurt No Nisei II -Crimson Sin- has been confirmed in Japan for 2022.

On the game side, we already know that the share-RPG Gran blue Fantasy Relink will be the big attraction next year, but is that producer Kenichiro Sakai arises to remember the existence of Project Game, his action game Announced last spring that ends the year without getting up, but whose development progresses satisfactorily, we are told.

While he will see his old team out For spoken next May, Anime Tabata does not intend to be forgotten, either. In 2022, his studio JP Games will announce a new RPG, without further details. After The Pegasus Dream Tour, a mobile game based on the Tokyo Paralympic Games that will have lasted in all and for all seven months, it is hoped that the former director of Square Enix refers to something more ambitious and sustainable.

Let's finish with Square Enix. In fact, we already know a good part of the publisher's program that will chain Babylon's Fall (March 3rd), Triangle Strategy (March 4), Chicago GP (March 10), Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin (March 18), For spoken (May 24) and Star Ocean The Divine Force (2022), Not to mention that spring we will finally bring us the next ads on Final Fantasy 16. The representatives of Square Enix had no need to sow Additional Indices, except Kibosh Away who is pleased to see that 2022 will be time to announce a new episode of long-standing saga. What we already knew.

Credit Photo: Marathi Wazoo


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