Game Awards 2021: Geoff Keighley promises four or five world premieres from the caliber of Elden Ring

The year 2021 was full of big game fairs and live streams. E3, Games com, showcases of great developers... but not all of them were really many big calibers. This should look different with the Game Awards 2021, because presenter Geoff Kafka already heats up the rumor kitchen. Previously, it already said that we should show us 40 to 50 games at the event — and four or five of them should have the caliber of an elder ring.

Great announcements are in the house

MASSIVE PS5 Reveals At The Game Awards? Geoff Keighley Says To Expect 4-5 Big Large Scale Reveals

Host The show Geoff Kafka recently spoke about the presentation of Elder Ring at the Summer Game, which was undoubtedly the highlight of the evening in June. In the context, he also did not take it to continue the hype for the Game Awards.

For the game awards, there are probably four or five things on this level. I can not expect to show the people.

Although this assertion is of course quite vague first, it also fires further fan hopes. Namely, there are numerous rumors about Reveals to The Last of Us, Breath of the Wild 2 or Star field and Elder Scrolls 6. At four to five major announcements, the opportunities are good that some candidates of them are shown on 9 December. All already confirmed games and rumors, we have summarized here:

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Game Awards 2021: All confirmed announcements and rumors at a glance

If you want to know where, how and when you can watch yourself with the game awards, who is nominated for the prices and what else is to know, then we listed here all the information about the Game Awards listed here.

What big announcement do you hope for the Game Awards? Or are you interested more for the insider tips of the evening? Betray us in the comments!


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