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The Expanse is not just one of the most successful book series, but also belongs to the best science fiction series thanks to Amazon Prime Video, which can stream you today. Now the sixth season of the Sci-Fi epic is started.

In the coming days, especially those science fans are fully at their expense: While on Netflix and Disney + no big hits come back to the assortment, Amazon Prime Video Waits with the Sixth Season of the Popular Series The Expanse on. The first episode already appeared on Friday, with the Sci-Fi series being continued weekly.

If you are also looking for a Christmas present: The original book series of James Corey, which is based on the series, is quite viewed in readies — Band 1 – 6 is also in the bundle, if you have someone (or yourself!) want to make a pleasure:

James Corey: The Expanse — Volume 1-6

Now from €59,97 at Amazon

The price may be higher now. Price from 14.12.2021 14:35

The best time to start with the expanse?

????  Must Watch Sci-Fi Movies On Amazon Prime Since Sage and write six years, The Expanse enthuses the science fiction community — whether in book or series form. On Amazon Prime Video she makes the all since the fourth season uncertain (including the first three seasons) and is possibly there until the end of the series. There are currently not extremely many good sci-fi series at the moment and though The expanse fewer swirls through the media than Star Trek: Discovery, so it is rated by many than the best. For comparison: The Expanse creates completely 8.5 / 10 on IMDb, while Discovery is at 7.2 / 10.

Apart from the many positive reviews and the 6th season, which is now breaking, 2022 is expected to be the last book of the nine-part series: it is a good time to enter this fandom!

Streams The Expanse now on Amazon Prime Video.

It's about the expanse

The Expanse plays about 200 years in the future: The solar system is largely populated and the space ride further developed accordingly, when the police detective Josephus Miller contains the order to find a missing girl. At the same time, an ice-fraughter is surprisingly attacked by a colony on Mars — which further tightens the political conditions between Mars, the Earth and the Asteroid Belt. Located between Mystery and Thriller, The Expanse does not only dive into complex political conflicts, but also explores a mysterious secret that could change everything.

Show in the trailer for a first insight — if you do not know the series!

The first season of The Expanse appeared in 2015 on the Science Fiction Sender Safe, then some seasons ran for a short time on Netflix before the series found their current place at Amazon Prime Video. The first episode of the sixth season was published on 10 December 2021.


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