All winners of the Game of the Year (Goty) in the story of The Game Awards

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The Game Awards 2021 is already here. After a year marked by the pandemic that prevented the face-to-face celebration of the event — it wgame sector digitally connecting with three different cities — the most media awards gala in the video game sector is celebrated at dawn on Thursday 9 to Friday, December 10 with The goal of celebrating excellence in the world of video game. And yes, we will know this year's Got, among many other categories. Now What were the Got of previous editions? We reviewed all the winners of the event under this denomination, from its origins up to 2020.

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A little history about The Game Awards

The first thing to make clear is that The Game Awards, game sector such, exists since 2014. Previously, since 2003 and even the edition that took place in 2013, were the Spike VGA (which became the Spike VAX ), but the format did not start, I did not have the support and repercussion that year and, after a fall of both audience and economic return, Spike TV He retired from the struggle to take over this equivalent to the Oscars of video games.

Is there where the name of Geoff Kafka comes into play, a journalist with television experience and whose participation in Spike VGA led him to captain himself the evolution of the format, which would not only change his name but would be given a package of Another category, added to the fight for exclusive, by brands and by luxury guests. Make it a spectacle that no video game fan should be lost.

Evolution of Game of the Year Winner 1979-2021

If he hgame sector achieved it or is not something subjective, game sector much game sector if we agree on which video game the prize of each category takes. What is no doubt is that The Game Awards hgame sector been gaining weight over the years, there are tens of millions of people following the gala in each edition and, for more INRI, the number of World premieres or exclusive world grows exponentially. Names like The Witcher 3, Uncharted 4, Mario Maker, Blood borne, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Soulcalibur VI, Crgame sectorh Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, Devil May Cry 5, The Outer Worlds and many others have been presented there Or they have offered novelties of great importance for their studies. Without going any further, in 2019 Xbox Series X wgame sector revealed over high. What awaits us this year 2021? In a few hours we will know it.

All the winners of The Game Awards (2003-2020)

The nominees A Best game of the year 2021 are the following: Death loop, IT Takes Two, Metro id Dread, Psychopath 2, Ratchet & clank: Rift Apart and Resident Evil Village. In previous editions, these were the winners:

Spike VGA / Spike VAX

2003 — Madden NFL 2004 2004 — GTA San Andregame sector 2005 — Resident Evil 5 2006 — Te's IV: Oblivion 2007 — Bios hock 2008 — Grand Theft Auto IV 2009 — Uncharted 2 2010 — Red Dead Redemption 2011 — TES V: SKYRIM 2012 — The Walking Dead 2013 — Grand Theft Auto V


2014 — Dragon Age: Inquisition 2015 — The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 2016 — Overwatch 2017 — The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2018 — God of War 2019 — Senior: Shadows Die Twice 2020 — The Lgame sectort of Us Part II


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