A new trailer of Triangle Strategy dedicated to the character of Roland Glenbrook

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Expected for March 4th of the next year exclusively on Nintendo Switch, Triangle Strategy continues to present her character cast with this new trailer featuring Roland Glen brook.

Roland Glen brook is the prince of the Kingdom of which he bears the name and best friend of Serener Voldemort, the main protagonist of Triangle Strategy, the Tactical RPG in 2D-HD of Square Enix to come next year on Switch. This new trailer, subtitled in French, presents the young prince and is particularly interested in the moral dilemmas that will present himself.

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TRIANGLE STRATEGY - Character & Story Trailer #1: Roland Glenbrook - Nintendo Switch

Let us remember that triangle strategy intends to confront us regularly with this kind of thorny decisions, the idea being to portray the conflict in which its protagonists are swept away. The sum of our choices will thus affect the development of history and our relationship with the different characters it staged. Roland will have to put his convictions to the test and, perhaps, to damage them a little for the good of Glen brook.




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