The Soundtrack of Starfield exposed with its first topic: All a musical journey by space

Star field promises many things, and among them is to offer the user a soundtrack at the height of their ambition as a video game. There is still a lot of time to be able to listen to it in all its glory, while we enjoyed the action signed by Bethesda for your RPG, but the American company wants to make us lighter the wait the first topic of adventure, one 10 minute composition.

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Signed by Non Our, a regular industry with credits in the Saga Fallout, for example, the score was interpreted a few days ago by the London Symphony Orchestra during the 10th anniversary concert of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. You can be heard by YouTube, but also by Spotify and other platforms.

The suite prepares us without a doubt in the enormous challenges for the galaxy that we will have to undertake players once Star field arrives at the stores on November 11 for PC, Xbox Series X | S and, like the rest of Bethesda games, A Xbox Game Pass.

a Skyrim in space

During the last days there have been some news about Star field, with its creators baptizing the title as a Skyrim in space, although it has its obvious differences. From Bethesda, they have also ensured wanting to take it easy to present the presentation of Star field, affirming having a calendar for presentation.

Star field is the first new IP of Bethesda in 25 years, and is sold as a next-generation RPG set between the stars, where we can the character we want and explore the cosmos with unprecedented freedom while we embark on us in an Epic trip to unravel the greatest mystery of humanity. You can discover more than the title by reading our last Star field report.


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