The Game Awards will show us the first trailer of the halo series

The video game term of the year, which is frequently used in English Game of the Year (Got), refers to the most effective computer game released for a year. There are several media granting it, but no event that combines the term. Numerous video games can bring the title the very same year. This term is often used up by video clip games themselves and also not by an outdoors media. Some video games have reissues, one year after the initial release, called editing and enhancing game of the year with all the consisted of LCS. There are no exact regulations on using the debate but the video games that use it generally do loads of magazines and media that have actually applied this difference.

Halo TV Series - Official Teaser Trailer Last week, Xbox and Halo celebrated their 20th anniversary, and as a result of all this, we also had our first video advance for the new series of halo prepares paramount +. The teaser in question did not show many details about the project, but that will change in a few weeks.

Kiki Wolf kill, Director of Transmedia Products for 343 Industries, Reveled that it will be Next December 9, during the ceremony of The Game Awards, when we have the opportunity to see the First real trailer for this series.

We would not have liberated something small without knowing that we were going to be able to accompany him later with something more substantial. Therefore, our plan is to launch a first trailer during the Game Awards gala this December 9. This trailer is designed to give people a wider idea about what the series goes.

Wolf kill did not give more details about it, because obviously it will be better for that day instead of spoiler some moments we will see in the trailer. We know that the series of halo will debut at some point of 2022 in Paramount +, but still fail to confirm the exact day. Will it be that in The Game Awards Let's know him?

Editor's note: Although we have not seen almost anything about the series, the community is definitely very excited about it. The idea of ​​knowing more about the origins of the Chief Master is extremely attractive, and hopefully its producers know how to execute it correctly.


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