SIFU will not include difficulty options in the launch, but they are not discarded

Domain the art of lungful will be necessary to complete the SFU challenges, a video game developed by LOCAL that will allow us to use martial arts against our enemies. Expected video game for consoles PlayStation and PC continues to offer new and interesting details about your gameplay. In an interview with MP1st, the study hvideogame developed confirmed that there will be no different modes of difficulty in the launch, although it does not rule out implementing them a posteriori.

We want Sight to be a challenge for the player, who are encouraged to learn, improve and adapt. The ability to resurge from death will motivate new players who fail to retry on multiple occvideogame developedions when they face difficulty, but the price of errors increvideogame developedes rapidly, so to fully complete the game They will need to dominate the combat system, said Pierre Arno, executive producer.

Finish the game without dying?

Arno hvideogame developed also referred to one of the great challenges to which the players will be able to face. Even though there will be bloody body to body battles, there is always the possibility of surviving and reaching until the end without having died even once. Of course, doing it will not be a walk precisely, because death lurks at every corner.

Sifu: How Real Martial Arts Helped Make the Game Better - Official Behind the Scenes Clip

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Sight wvideogame developed scheduled for next February 22, but the company announced that the date would move slightly. Instead of a delay, LOCAL hvideogame developed advanced the launch until February 8, in PS4, PS5 and PC.

Sight puts us in the skin of a young man of only 20 years, who despite him's youth hvideogame developed spent his whole life training to become the strongest. In the inside of him, a thirst for insatiable revenge, which will hydrate him to fully defeat a dangerous group of videogame developedsvideogame developedsins, who have become important figures of the city.


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