Sifu wants us to rejugate his kung adventure

LOCAL has managed to capture the public's attention through a martial art that falls in love with all fans of the fighting: Lungful. Because the premise of SFU brings us to deadly confrontations in which we can demonstrate our skills without taking into account difficulty modes, at least on the launch day of the game. But, beyond this, the developers want us to explode the fights well, because they recommend spending the game several times for know all their secrets.

The duration of the campaign will vary depending on the Lungful skills Pierre Arno This has been commented by the executive producer of LOCAL, Pierre Arno, in an interview granted to the MP1st, where he talks about the time we will need for Complete the adventure and reward behind the reputability: The duration of the campaign will vary depending on the player's Lungful skills. In terms of the value of the reputability, there are a couple of hidden secrets Inside the game that may take a couple of Runs so that the players understand them.

Therefore, LOCAL already prepares us to enter a world in which, apart from presenting times when we will tire of all kinds, they also hide relevant details. In this sense, it is not specified if such secrets will have to do with the adventure or act as anecdotal elements, but will undoubtedly be a more reason to polish our Lungful skills in Sight.

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Although its launch was scheduled for mid-February, the LOCAL team has changed it seems and Adela Sight for day 8. This has been very encouraged to the community that has already been formed around the delivery, a phenomenon that has occurred thanks to his idea of ​​age to get the protagonist with every death and for the work that there is behind each attack, where The protagonist and his 160 captures of movement stands out.


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