Board games get a black Friday offer from a day on Amazon

The Black Friday has been happening throughout the month on Amazon, but they saved one of their biggest sales of board games for the Black Friday itself, on November 26. In fact, you can get huge discounts on a wide range of table games and popular cards until the end of the day.

See Amazon Black Friday's offer on board games

The collection of everything, from mass strategy games such as Gloom haven (39% discount) to light holiday games as explosive kittens (42% discount). There are also many BLACKS FRIDAY deals in family games at stake. Some outstanding aspects include:


Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition — 24% discount Universe: Marvel 100 package 4 — 58% discount Drown drugged or stupid [A Party Game] — 31% discount Envelope box of Magic The Gathering Waldheim Set | 30 packets (360 magic cards) — 18% discount

BLACK FRIDAY GAMING DEALS (2021) Avalon Hill Scooby-Doo in Mystery Mansion | Official Board Set Scooby-Doo + Betrayal at House on the Hill — 30% discount Star Wars outer edge board game — 23% discount Funk Disney Mickey and the Game Beanstalk — 40% discount Rules set of 5 seconds — new edition — 52% discount

The above list is just a fraction of the Board Game Offers that are available on the Amazon Black Friday offer. Go here to buy the rest. Note that Amazon is also performing a separate sale of a day in «Character Gifts». It includes a handful of board games. You can take a look at all Amazon Black Friday bids here.


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