Battle Ground New State, there is no regret, but there is a 'homework'

Often there is a tendency to equate the category of mobile games, casual games. Because of the simplicity of the performance limits of the device and the operating system, in both producers and consumers generally prefer mobile It is true that the casual genre.

But the so-called core games extra fun is definitely there, and you want to close this experience in the mobile population that is often enough. This is enough to prove any DESE turn off the PC · yisikjak console games are popular around the world, such as or .

But there are many obstacles hygiene reproduces the core experience of core games in Mobile said earlier. If you do not have enough capacity, etc. Technology developers, UX, Operations, also did not appear likely to ignore the results of 'cropped'.

Recently launched a new mobile <PUBG: New State (hereinafter New State) is the title reveals good technical and design know-how that has accumulated tons of Crafts. It is a direct result of the year to play, fun elements of unique IP cleverly tuned specifically for mobile environments could enjoy a moment forget about the commitment limit of the platform.

If the Series users who have always enjoyed the game will not regret playing. Sure what to expect, I looked Unfortunately gathered there.

So this mobile game?

This experience took place in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 models launched in 2018 as a 'high' graphics option basis. Three years ago, the model also have the option to not significantly compromise needs. Crafts t is supported by bar balhyeotdeon that the iPhone 6S Galaxy S7 or 2 GB RAM support devices, iOS family.

When you first describe the overall level of optimization in the called play convenience, objective criteria can be summarized by saying 'there is no discomfort. It means there was rarely suffer failure phenomena that directly interfere with the input lag or delay loading, synchronization failure, such as game play. There have been occasional frame drops only when on board the vehicle, which also do not always occur. As well as (of course) talking of the premises under that network speed is good.

In the visual dimension it is expressed so far is natural, close, close to the object you can see a very clear texture and detail is hard to expect from a mobile. Crafts tonnes announced that efforts to implement the Global Illumination (Global Illumination), the Otto Stern Singh, auto exposure, such as graphics and apply the technology beyond the limits of mobile.

1 Identity worry: the balance between core and casual wear

is a sign of trouble on the 'identity' of the games glimpse to satisfy two groups of core gamers and mobile gamers as possible alternately.

To this end, considered to be fundamental to the IP it is found also alleviate moderate reality element. Symptoms PC version bullet during firing out the window at the bottom of the discard stuck on the window sill is notorious. This anahseoda not a pollinating techniques to match the orientation and direction of the muzzle of the actual optical equipment, unlike most FPS. It is part of reality.

Not one to shoot an ally.

But In consideration of the difficulty of the operation was properly implemented a pollinating. Instead, a bullet 'ballistics' flying along a certain track system is looking for the right balance in cases of difficulty keeps playing.

In addition, it is Salman height that put the details to implement the operation, and ease of play. Rose recovered items demo use is very intuitive. Chat in-game radio, etc. were newly involved in the 'recruitment', 'drones shop' introducing the message, so that the inconvenience arrange a variety of stationery required for each situation.

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Intuitive and easy-to-use UI

You can send a message such as Do not be recruited, '' I need a credit drones.

2 worry identity: New Content

'Identity distress leads in new content. shows a lot of attempts to introduce a new level of fitness 'casual hereinafter' in line without compromising the existing core experience.

The most prominent is an attempt 'stress relief'. In particular, recruitment 'is perhaps the unique system throughout the entire IP. If there is a vacancy in the squad it can be incorporated into a stunned enemy ally. When completely lost its allies and the new jangchida that can both reduce stress when they turned down the enemy.

But this system is actually instructive unknown how much leverage. At least now and leave the game as soon as the user most of the deaths, even sikyeoteul stun enemies and prefer to kill direction instead of signing.

Drone shop system is another unique content. Collecting items based on the 'drone Credit can of course be spread' customization kit 'to' bulletproof shield ', a unique luxury item, such as' electric car batteries. It must attend effort to find the necessary items also reduces. Credit drones can not be obtained due to gather easily without special effort, mid and late game section Adamson difficult to survive well through the top-tier item spread the flare gun.

The problem is, if you exclude spread the flare gun, which is felt to the utility of drones shops not so large. The reason is that up to this point in the weakness and even deeper relationship.

Reasons not regret it, it must provide why try

As mentioned earlier, is the title no 'one regret. There are pitfalls to hurt the gaming experience thanks to the faithful implementation of the series, including a hard core fun level high-quality graphics and optimization, is play ease expect from a mobile game. 'Risk-free' is a game of She.

On the other hand the reason hard to feel easily try the bother is that homework is facing two games. The usual 'new' is expected to innovate enough to be recognized, at least in the 'New Game'. but a quantum upgrade the quality remarkable, this is also an Accepted we tend to accept 'reinforced' than against 'revolution' in the traditional games like that new trial.

Several of the aforementioned gadgets, drones shops' are all examples danjeokin showing these disadvantages. Only SF taste is infallible equipment denim could not see before the Kali, jeongjak method also Infineon giving much fun in a new creativity, meta influential aspect of the gimmick, as compared to the 'magnetic grenades, introducing the this title.

However, this disadvantage is 'homework' only and permanently fix the defect will not go. Maybe users to exit gradually built up a unique fun then provides a familiar foundation to be well seated in the first game can be a long-term compound eye. SF set is expected to be a big help in this 'scalability'.

succeeded in recruiting 5,000 million pre-reservation from the previous release. Released the same day there was also 270 million visitors pushed in just 1 hour and 30 minutes after the open. Without the interest of a fan base built over an existing IP numbers it would not be possible. The ability to put them to better tie the game would be needed.

In this regard, concern is not big. Crafts tonnes have shown a sincere attitude, etc. whilst operating communicate with users and constant weapon balancing, map and additional items, rework an existing map. If the accumulated know-how correctly Live services to the light games seem to be on track to rise rapidly.


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