Pic of myself



w00t! no more exams

though maybe I could have worked

a little harder


Results not out soon

A month and a half away,

14th of August


Now to find a job

And pass both my driving tests

theory and road test


But apart from that

3 months of summer await.

Bring on the 14th




M2 on Tuesday

Pretty psyched - time for ownage

Computing before




No euro for now

Brown too wussy to say yes

Enough politics


Found a kickass site


click 'sb email'


Still more revision

A week to go 'til more tests

Now back to the desk



Took P3 exam

Think I didn't do too well

I must own M2


Updates few right now

Got to do work for exams

See you at the end



Matrix Reloaded

over hyped, though cool graphics

Script from B-movie


As I predicted

Reeves cannot act for toffee,

Ruined entire film


Registered domain

Waiting for kudos to come

Not holding my breath


Will register name

What will it be? I know not

So a good start then


At least its online

The world can read this goodness

Soon they will, at least


Site design is plain

This a good thing? email me

Your views respected


Blogging haiku's fun

I must avoid yoda speech

Or lame it will be :)


Must study harder

Exams not far away now

AAB needed


Hard to concentrate

So much going on outside

Questions so boring


Haiku Blog begins

Hopes to improve web's content

Five - seven - five scheme


Top image stolen


Please do not sue me


Writing Haiku hard

I hope I can keep it up

That's enough for now